I can’t tell you how happy I am how Close is back without being controlled by another. And damn, he is POWERFUL, the precures took quite a beating today and had to resort to the Princess Palace to rescue Hanae’s dream.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 31 Img 0020Many of us were concerned about him being under control of the new duo additions due to his different markings, and eyes glowing in the preview last week. However it turned out to be the just the opposite: It is Close who has all the authority, with Dyspear’s help he had created Stop and Freeze, who the girls thought were Zetsuborgs, but aren’t. They say ‘Zetsuborg‘, so even I am uncertain about what they are- but let’s just go with the most obvious implication: a higher and more intelligent form of a Zetsuborg. Dyspear has now assigned Close to be their new leading general, telling the three (Shut included) how they will be working under Close’s command. On the extra note, this is super awkward because Shut is the only one who has survived in one piece from the very beginning, yet it’s Close who previously failed, is getting the promotion. Poor Shut, will he ever gain recognition from anybody?

Go! Princess Precure Ep 31 Img 0028The highlight of Close’s return is without a doubt his unwavering loyalty towards Dyspear despite the fact she had disposed of him in the past. It was almost kind of… for the lack of a better word, ‘romantic’ to see him return to Hope Kingdom with a full gauge fulfilled by Lock’s despair, and then proceeded to create the Forest of Despair, which then grew further into a thorn palace. Hope Kingdom is no more, and Dyspear returns in full health to reign her throne.

The only thing I am a bit uncertain about is, whether or not she was the one to revive Shut, or whether or not he had simply returned to this crow form and wandered around, spying on Lock, waiting for the opportunity to exploit him. Regardless, Dyspear had given him new orders to proceed with their counter plan of planting seeds of despair within the girls’ world. This is a freaking fantastic idea because regardless if they lose, they already have a secret plan which will likely peak before any of the Precure or Fairies knows what is happening.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 31 Img 0004While the episode was absolutely fantastic, graced by Close’s epic return, followed by Stop and Freeze’s debut- there was one thing that threw me off and I can’t say I am too happy about it. Right off the bat of the episode, we suddenly learn that Lock was in fact a fairy who was consumed and controlled by despair. Okay so, here’s the thing. Maybe i would have reacted differently had they actually shown us this LAST WEEK. It irritates me how they decided to just throw it in within the first thirty seconds of this episode. While I am very familiar with the fact it is not by any means unusual for some of the villains to return to a “Fairy Form” after their defeat, for Lock’s case, I find it kind of lame and super unoriginal…. unless there’s a strong backstory which supports a purpose: such as the theory going around how, perhaps Dyspear was previously the fourth Precure, and is the Princess Precures’ darkest secret. See, I can see some potential logic and understanding if Lock who we now know has been a Fairy from Hope Kingdom to begin with, had served Dyspear in the past before she became evil. I would understand that because it would creates a situation where those who were unsuspecting can now start connecting potential dots. On the other hand, if this theory is not going to be anywhere close to the truth… then boy, they better have a solid explanation because I don’t like it when villains suddenly turn into fairies without serving an actual purpose for the story.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 31 Img 0035Haruka having dreams of Kanata, and claiming how she senses they will be meeting again soon is ominous to me- ESPECIALLY with how we see Kanata’s figure by the water, shrouded in darkness. the only thing that is screaming in my head right now is, “Haruka, you are going to meet Kanata again, but not the Kanata you remember!” I mean, it can’t be that easy, right? On top of that, it looks like he is in their world now, so it definitely shouldn’t be long now. I would give it about maybe two to four more episodes before he actually appears. BRING ON THE ANGST!!!!!

Next week! Minami’s fiance appears! Hahaha… I can’t say I am surprised though. Bound to happen when you have a character who is the daughter of a large corporation.


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  1. Ayal92

    I’m so happy Close isn’t a zombie, he has become so badass and cool and he’s still obssesed with Cure Flora! Freeze and Stop are really stylish and cute too. It was cute Shut was so happy to see Close again but sad by Lock’s demise. And he continues being the most disrespected member of Disdark, he need to go the light side, they have cookies and Towa.
    I agree with you in the Lock’ subplot, they didn’t need make him a fairy. Just the girls taking him with them, and Lock having to stay and being unable to backstab them because he is very weakened and Dyspear wants his head. The character dinamic would be heavenly. His new design is really cute, though.
    For the next episode, I read a summary somewhere and at first I thought he woud be a Percy Weasley kind of guy… this is even worse. Hating him is going to be loads of fun.

    1. Yoru Harmoni

      Yes!!! Shut needs to go to the light side! I love the cookies and Towa! Not to mention, if he loves beauty, he can become a fashion designer, work for Kirara so he already can have a job and best of all. He can create some lovely dresses for Towa! They definitely need to give Shut a break! Poor thing nearly had a heartattack in this episode and he definitely seems like he’s gonna snap under stress!
      I dunno about Close being a zombie though…I mean, my friend came up with an interesting point. Close is certainly not his old sassy self. He doesn’t seem completely hypnotized but he does seem not completely himself. You can tell there’s some will but there’s something that seems…I dunno if “odd” would describe it. More like…Like how Twilight was. Having a will but not be completely himself. Close had a sassier and loud attitude and now with his calm and somewhat “silent-crazed”, one can’t help but wonder if Close is completely himself or is partially under control.Like he’s half not there and half there. He could have just developed more calmly but being he’s been gone for a while, suddenly comes back and attacks, it kinda makes one wonder if he’s completely truly there. Close seems more crazed in the eyes than usual.Least for me.
      Than again, this is the first timer of his return. Perhaps, in later episodes, we’ll get to see a bit of the old Close. The one with a more sassier yet still in control, sinister and powerful attitude.

  2. Marcos Pinheiro

    The new semester has begun! This episode is surprising and really good too! 😀
    I’m very surprised that Close is really back and how loyal he is for Queen Dyspear, unlike Lock. It’s great that he came back to appear more in this series. And yet, although he looks different, he’s a lot stronger and more dangerous than before! Of course, as many of us expected, Close has a full grudge and wants revenge on Cure Flora like the last time in ep. 11. He’s now the powerful leader to serve his queen and has two new sidekicks. And nice names for them: Stop and Freeze. They are cool, different, sneaky and dangerous. They sure will be hard opponents for the precures in the next episodes.
    I was glad to see that Shut wasn’t corrupted or manipulated after episode 30. Still, he’s still chained with the Dysdark forces and again he has to serve or assist by force with a leader, just like he did with Lock before. I still feel bad for Shut.
    I was like “oh no” when I saw those seeds of despair falling in the girls’ world in most places or spots! Indeed that’s not pretty or a good thing. And Queen Dyspear is back! IN THE FLESH!
    Besides the return of Close, I really like seeing Haruka being so nice and helpful with Hanae in this episode, that’s so sweet to watch. And when they met for the first time is funny to watch too in my opinion. And wow and behold, Lock is a fairy all this time! Dragon’s caramba, what will happen to him? And what he really was/is? He now brings many mysteries for us about his life, let’s see how was his past in the next episodes.
    One thing that really worries me since this episode is if Close sees Yui, I hope not. If he does, I fear that he will remember her for saving Flora in ep. 11 and he will likely do something horrible to her. Please, Princess Precure, be on your guards and watch your allies carefully!
    I’m very curious how will be the next episode. Minami’s fiance, huh? I wonder how their relationship will go. 🙂
    I conclude that this episode 31 has made a surprising start in this new semester for the Go! Princess Precure and their allies!
    And now, we all shall see how this semester goes for them!

  3. littleshogun

    For Lock as fairy, actually I’d already know about it since his craziness turning the base to zetsuborg and about to bomb Noble academy. One of Live Journal post already show it, and spark another theory what if all of the Dyspear lackey(or as kokoda said cadre) are actually fairy? Well, it may benefit Shut though(Poor guy). These seeds suspiciously like Grief Seed from Madoka imo. So, maybe I wouldn’t be surprised if said another lackey born from the seed and the seed itself contain fairy’s soul(Hey, maybe this theory too dark for this kind of show, but one can imagine, right?). But if the theory is wrong and these seeds turn out to be nothing, oh well.
    About Kanata, actually there is already some info. By the way, do you want to be spoiled or not? If yes, I’ll reply later of course. But if you say no, well just see for yourself later. One thing for sure, your guess about Haruka about to meet Kanata again are very right. The reason is that he looks like in their world with the sky having cloud and land(Remember Hope kingdom sky is eternally purple).
    Good review once again. And that’s all from me.

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