Junjou Romantica 2 ~ Episode 12 [Final Impression]

So we end the season on the Romantica pairing, appropriate. So where are with with them now? Well, we’re coming up to Misaki’s birthday as well as the literature award that Usagi is going to receive. Which happen to fall on the same day and Usagi is pretty set on taking Misaki somewhere for his birthday. Misaki just wants Usagi to do his work, so there is a conflict of interest here.
Then there is Ijuin is who a problem, like always. He wants to take Misaki out on a date and hear his answer to his love confession. Seems like it’s going to be a stressful twenty-second birthday for Misaki.


Well, it gets to his birthday and he goes to work as he had planned. Usagi goes to the ceremony and the press conference, but then totally skips out on everything else involved. Goes to Misaki’s work and kidnaps him. So they head off on their little mini-vacation. Site seeing, shopping, staying at a nice inn and having meals together. It’s pretty cute, Misaki even tells Usagi about a cute trick that his brother taught him involving making wishes on marbles.

Then Ijuin happens. Apparently, he was there taking pictures for reference pictures. He REALLY gets up in Misaki’s grill, BACK OFF AND TAKE A HINT DAMN IT. I mean, without saying as much Misaki petty much tells you that it won’t ever work between you this episode. He still doesn’t take the damn hint! Well at least Misaki turning him down is what kept Usagi from walking over and punching Ijuin straight in the face.
Which he would of deserved. I mean, he even had the gall to kiss Misaki on the forehead! How dare he!


Well, Usagi and Misaki make love to each other at the hotel. They talk about the wishes that they made on the marbles a bit. Then the night wraps up into the next day. When there was going to be a delayed party with Misaki’s brother and his family. So they do some shopping, they buy each other gifts. Usagi got Misaki a briefcase the he said was ‘Not very expensive’ and Misaki got Usagi some cheap candy that Usagi was excited about when he was on the trip.



So uh, Takahiro almost catches them kissing but doesn’t…that’s about the end of the episode. Oh, well except the part where they are both precious little angels who wished for the same thing on their last marble which was to be with the other one forever. Kya! Such huge dorks!

This was a cute episode, a good one to end the season on.

Well that’s it for Junjou season 3. How did it stack up? Pretty well I guess. There was a lot of Romantica this season, which is good….I might of liked a little more Egoist or Mistake, but the shear amount of Romantica DID keep the Terrorist pairing at bay. So at least there’s that. That being said, the lack of variety could be off putting could be a little off putting for people who are more invested in the side couples then the Romantica couple. I think it really comes down to which pairing you enjoy the best.

The animation is well, it’s DEEN…Not to say that the show looked bad, but I didn’t expect much from them to begin with. With that being said, this show had it’s moments of beautiful animation. The soundtrack, the animation. Everything worked together nicely, if anything, i’d say they began animating it a little more like Sekai rather then the way they used to animated Junjou. Not sure if this was done for a reason or not, but it’s something I noticed.

I’m trying to recall where this seasons ending would put us in terms of the manga. I’m not sure if it left us with enough material for a season four. However, maybe now we’ll get our Sekaiichi Hatsukoi season 3? Who knows, what I do know is that this season was simualcast by Funimation. While that might not seem impressive considering the amount of shows that they pick up per-season. It’s a huge deal for the progression of Yaoi series in America.
What would be even better is if they got the home video rights and dubbed it, that would be a huge jump.

Well I can hope anyway, as for the contents of this season. It’s covered pretty much my favorite content, as much as I jump all over Ijuin and tell him to get off Misaki. This kind of contrived drama is my bread and butter, i secretly[or not so secretly] adore it. It did throw me off to see him in color and realize how similar he looked to Takano from Sekaiichi. It made it ALMOST hard to hate him….almost.

Well there’s not much more I can say, I guess this is where I would rank the season. Kinda hard though, since as I said earlier. I think your enjoyment is subjective to which couples you like the best. If you’re not a huge Romantica fan, your enjoyment levels would be lower then if you were. For me? I’d say this season merits an 8.5 outta ten. Plenty of good stuff, but not enough Egoist!

Welp, until Sekai season 3. I’ll sit and re-read Junjou and Sekai for my Nakamura-sensei fix…


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