Overlord ep 10 [ Shalltear Bloodfallen ]

Shalltear has been a subject of contention for me since the very first episode for a very specific reason: The opening of Overlord spoils that she is going to fight Momonga at some point. The way the opening presents it seemed very genuine from the start: that perhaps Momonga’s biggest challenge would be fighting one of his own subordinates. Because of this fact I have never quite given Shalltear the benefit of the doubt and thought every interaction she would have with Momonga would simply be fake and to cover up for her true feelings.

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Oddly, this episode of Overlord did Shalltear a lot of justice. I regret that all I’ve done so far is wait for the moment she would turn coat because this episode shows what happens to make her become this: Essentially, she does not willingly revolt against Momonga. Instead, this world shows that there is magic to control the minds of even the undead, something that was impossible in Yggdrisil.

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I feel a lot more interested in Shalltear now because her dilemma is not “Oh I’m revolting against Lord Ains and being a badass!” no, Shalltear’s fighting style makes her a berserker. Her personality is not ‘cool’ enough to simply move on from situations and instead she flips out while also being in her extremely disturbing vampire form. Simply put, Shalltear is freaky as hell when she is in her vampire form. Yet she did not willingly decide to fight against Momonga and until the end is trying to not piss him off! This brings the question: why didn’t they hide this plot twist by showing either her in the armor with a concealed face or perhaps just her in vampire form?!

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In a way hating Shalltear made this episode more interesting for me. I kept waiting for her to meet someone more powerful who would make her decide she was strong enough to defeat Momonga and it never came- instead her situational rage made her fly right into the hands of someone who could challenge Momonga- or at least someone who would wish to.

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I think this is good for the show because so far we’ve seen that very few people can actually take on Momonga. Seeing him fight one of his NPCs, who are all terrifyingly powerful, is the only chance we might get to see him use his staff or actually go all out. I honestly hope instead he will find a way to clear her mind while also using the staff. I wanna see the staff dammit!

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In any case the show is beginning to wrap up, but only in terms of this season. Nothing about the show itself feels finished and I’d be genuinely surprised if it gave a conclusive end for the premise any time soon. Here’s to finding out, at least!


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6 Responses

  1. vergiltfs says:

    Well, they rush the novel too much, but its fine, although it didn’t explain a why Brain Unglaus reacted that way, or why Shalltear was feeling nervous when she found those adventurers, even though no one match for her.
    The good thing it’s that now we can get to see more little details about the battle preparations and the battle itself.

  2. João Carlos says:

    Shalltear is a TRUE vampire (she was not a human transformed to vampire, but a creature that creates the other vampires) and a cleric (a class that have special powers against undead). If someone want to choose a good opponent to Momonga-sama, Shaltear is the best option.

    But no one is making the Sherlock Holmes questions: who where that guys that controlled Shalltear mind? They had enough power for detroy Shalltear`s minions in one second and they had items for control undead creatures. So, what they were doing at the forest? They obviously were not normal adventurers hunting bandits, too much firepower for that. Were they hunting Shalltear or maybe Momonga herself?

    Someone know that Momonga is a menace? There are other powers lurking behind the shadows?

    Just a little spoil: that sword used for fight Shalltear inside the bandit’s hideout was a katana… something that doesn’t exist at that world. How he get it?

    • Oki says:

      Ooooh so many goodpoints, now I’m worried/excited even more!

      • João Carlos says:

        If a kubrick cube (yes, that 3d puzzle thing from the 1980’s) appear at the next episodes (probably at the last one), you need ask how that earth thing get there…

    • vergiltfs says:

      Well, everything until now has been only a sum of unfortunate coincidences, bad assumptions and their consecuences.

      [spoiler] Those guys where the Black Scripture from the Slane Theocracy, the strongest people in their kingdom, they were on a mission to scout for a Dragon God (yeah, the one that Ninya speak of), they where thinking that a Dragon God was there because the Sunlight Scripture was obliterated, so they send their best warriors, and some they were using gear from the Six Great Gods (The gods from the Theocracy), they were powerful for humans levels, but in fact only one of them was a threat for Shalltear, and since she is only a warrior, she can’t identify items like Ainz. When the Black Scripture saw Shalltear they begin to panic and use one powerful resource again her, but she was fierce and didn’t fell without battle. That’s why she is alone in that place. (Im trying to not spoil too much.)

      Your question about the katana, the are more kingdoms in that world, after Brain was defeated by Gazeff, he begun to train because until now Brain was only using his genius like talent for the sword, so while he was looking for strengh, he begin to search for a weapon worthy of him.

      [spoiler] “Further south, past the Kingdom—was a city in the middle of a desert. Amongst the goods that occasionally flowed out from that city was a weapon that, even unenchanted, far surpassed the cutting ability of ordinary magic weapons. It had a price to match, so much so that people’s eyes would pop out of their sockets upon seeing it. That was the weapon he wanted.

      And then, he had finally managed to obtain a 「Katana」” [/spoiler]

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