Haikyuu 2!! Episode 2: Direct Sunlight

I think this is the most I’ve ever heard Shimizu talk and have screentime in the show because she was basically invisible in the first season. She’s actually quite lovely.

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[HorribleSubs] Haikyuu!! S2 - 02 [1080p].mkv0078So this episode consisted of the boys studying their butts off, and also the introduction to a new character and possible new manager for the volleyball team. Yachi is such a strange girl, but adorable. Shimizu has been looking for students that aren’t in clubs so she could interest them into going on a trial to be the next volleyball team manager as she’s a third year and she’s going to be graduating soon. She hasn’t had any luck…that is until she met up with Yachi. Yachi is a first year girl and she basically fell in love with Shimizu and that was probably the only reason why she said yes to the manager thing. She kept staring at her, talking about her silky Shimizu’s hair is, her lips, her everything she’s practically head over heels for her. So she says yes to the trial and heads over to the gym with her and she almost passes out from meeting all the guys. Because they’re all tall and scary-looking. So she introduces herself and then leaves. Then this crazy idea popped in her head that Shimizu probably has some fans and that they’re out and hiding trying to kill her because she stood next to her for so long. This girl…she freaks out when she sees coach, screams at him not to kill her, and she runs away. Yachi seems like the girl that thinks the worse of everything. Like, she sees a scary-looking person and thinks he’s gonna kill her. The fact that she can’t remember names means she’ll eventually become unemployed in the future which will resort to her selling her organs. Because she can’t remember names. Omg…please tell this girl to chill. But she seems like a sweet girl as she helped Hinata and Kageyama with their English when they asked her for help even though she barely knows them.

After listening to Hinata talk and seeing how he wants to succeed, that really inspired her as she never was passionate about something like he is. So I think it’s certain that she’s going to stick around and become the new manager in Shimizu’s stead.

[HorribleSubs] Haikyuu!! S2 - 02 [1080p].mkv0010As for the boys, THEY STUDY. That’s what most the episode is. Hinata and Kageyama swallow their pride and ask Tsukishima for help studying, though only a few minutes before and after practice, which led to them going to Yachi during their lunchtime because Tsukki really is a jerk. And Tanaka and Nishinoya study with the other guys. Things seem to be going really well as the boys really are trying hard to do better. In the teacher’s office, some of the teachers for Tanaka and Noya mentioned how each boy is putting more effort into their work, asking more questions on the material, and most importantly not sleeping in class. Good job, guys! You’re really putting more effort into this. If not the entire volleyball team would probably kill you guys since these four make up most of the main formation.

The studying has been paying off as Hinata scored better on his English test thanks to Yachi. In the end of the episode sensei walks in and announces that a school wants to have a practice match with them after seeing their perfomance in the Inter-High, and sensei accepted. So they have that to look forward to.

A slower episode this time with no volleyball match, but it still retained that charm that Haikyuu has. We’ll probably see some volleyball next week with their practice match with Ouginishi High School. Until then.

Also, Tanaka has a really cool big sister.

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