Noragami Aragoto Episode 1 [First Impression]

First Impression

Norgami is back and we immediately jump into the long anticipated Bishamon Arc!
For a first episode of a new season, it certainly didn’t feel like one- and by all means, this is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it has its benefits since we now have a plot progression episode right off the bat- and made the clever choice of to leave out the flashbacks and repetitive introductions that some other shows do. It was quite a surprising move really, especially considering how it has been almost a year since the first season.

I am relieved by the fact they had chosen not to integrate any flashbacks referring to events that took place during the first season. This may throw some people off because of how the first season ended with an anime mini arc. So for those who have little to no memory of the first season, it would probably be a good idea just to do a quick marathon to ensure you know exactly where this season is picking up from.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 1 Img 0035Following up to how I mentioned this episode did not feel like a first episode of a new season: to be fair, not much happened.
But it was following the canon material, setting up the foundation of the conflict we will see unfold in the coming episode. Primarily, this episode served as a solid introduction to the Bishamon Arc. They reminded us and provided the audience hints as to why Bishamon has a grudge towards Yato and wants him good as dead, show us there is a storm brewing from within Bishamon’s family, quickly establishing how Kugaha is someone not to be trusted and is going to be play the role of the villain within this arc, and of course the dreadful foreshadow of the blight effects. In short, the information provided to us today is was in neon lights saying, “SHIT IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN.” And it’s no exaggeration, so brace yourselves, because this season is going to freaking hurt.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 1 Img 0024Let me just say I absolutely adore Bishamon. She is a total badass, but I also admire her heart and compassion she has for the spirits she takes in. Bishamon has a huge family. She is willing to rescue and take in a spirit who has already been torn by the Phantoms, even though they will never be able to serve as a regalia. Ryoki, the spirit she had taken under her wing took form as a broken mirror. Regalia who are broken not unable to serve. However there is a serious problem with taking care of so many spirits. As explained today, it is critical to keep track of who is harboring negative emotions which will result blighting their master. As we saw this episode, Bishamon has been stung, taking care of many regalia is taking a toll on her health, and because of that, she is taking medication to treat the blights and her overall health condition.

Unlike the first season, (where I had only been watching the anime before caving in to read the manga), this time- I am completely up to date with the series. Often times when I am in this situation, I dread the fact I have knowledge of the original material due to my habit of nitpicking where they go off-track or butcher the characters’. But this time, I feel a little different. The dread I am experiencing this time is because I know what is going to happen, and because it has been a while since I have read the arcs that are being animated now, my heart isn’t ready to go through the pain all over again. On top of that, sometimes seeing it animated only makes the feelings even more intense because you have voices, background music, the action now included in these very dramatic events. But I would be lying if I said I am not going to miss experiencing the shock-factors.

And that being said: I can tell you right now, if BONES does it right, this will be a very exciting season. I will admit, this might be hard for me to cover because of knowing what is going to happen (I don’t want to spoil it for you), but I love Noragami and BONES did a fair enough job with the first season, and so lets see how season two will unfold. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for character treatment improvement though, since that was one of the more significant flaws of the first season.
The new Opening theme was quite underwhelming compared to the first. BONES had maintained the same artistic style, but the song choice fell short, big time. I can’t remember the last time an OP Song felt so underwhelming. Yes, it was different, but it was missing something but I don’t know what. The ED Theme on the other hand was very pretty, and the song choice was also unique, but hands down it was way more enjoyable to listen to.

And finally, the opening sequence and the key visuals I have seen for Noragami Arogato is making me wonder how many episodes this season will be getting. I don’t know how many episodes they would need to cover the entirety for Bishamon Arc, but it is safe to say with the pace they are going at right now, it should cover at least six episodes. The arc which will be the follow up is another major event which is highly anticipated by the manga fans, so I am anxious to see just how far we will be going because let me tell you, the arc following Bishamon is one to look forward to even more.

Possibility of Blogging: High Unless Health Hiatus is necessary.

A/N: There is one final note I want to make: Although I have signed up to participate int he FALL 2015 Season, I have not been in a good health condition as of the last few weeks, (honestly I haven’t been able to catch a break since… probably June?). For the past few weeks, it has been quite painful for me to type, so I have been taking precautionary measures. I will be attempting to give the first two weeks a shot to see if I can make this work (especially since multiple shows I am interest in air on the same day ;-;), or if my condition can improve thanks to getting a new keyboard as well applying different method of treatments.
That being said, I may be forced to only pick up one title (which will likely be Noragami- unless another show no one wants turns out to be AMAZING), or if worse comes to worse, take yet another season off since I will continue to prioritize my long on-going coverage with YGO ARC-V and Go! Princess Precure (which will be ending this season). I can be very stubborn when my mind has been set, but I also know of the consequences if I push myself too much. I will keep you up to date as my goal for this season is to pick up minimum: two Fall 2015 titles.


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  1. zztop says:

    The biggest change I’ve seen is how Bishamon’s mansion looks like a French chateau instead of the manga’s Italian castle-type walls resembling Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. (I also read the manga after Season 1 ended. How up to date are you?)
    I agree, Season 1’s OP was better. Although Season 2’s OP choice was probably a decision by the production committee, this being business as usual. I think music company Avex is investing in the anime, so in return the show has to showcase this new single – connected with their company- as the OP. The song’s the 4th single by this Oral Cigarettes band, BTW.

    • Eva says:

      To the latest chapter which came out this month :Db I’m right on top of it!!!! ALL THE FEELS.

  2. exof954 says:

    Personally I loved the new OP, has this nice frantic feel to it that just adds some extra HYPE to my weekly watching.
    It was a pretty slow episode, but there’s already some big hints as to the threats to be encountered this season: Just this episode there was 1) The new Regalia, 2) The mischievous medicine man, and 3) The Masks. Not sure what they represent, though it reminds me a lot of Tokyo Ghoul. But basically, HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! Here’s to the best 5 Yen I’ve ever spent!

  3. I hope you get better I enjoy your yugioh coverage every week

  4. Wanderer says:

    I realize Hiyori’s… issue… serves as her entry into this world, but given the danger it poses to her both physically and spiritually, shouldn’t folks be more interested in trying to find some sort of solution to it?
    PS: Eva, take care of yourself. While we certainly want you to keep blogging here, the flipside of that is you can’t DO so if you cripple yourself trying. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself, and we’ll make do.

    • Eva says:

      The issue regarding Hiyori’s condition hasn’t been forgotten, but as you may have noticed, Yato doesn’t really want to find the solution. xD We do see the consequences regarding the risks of her condition in the future, but I doubt we will see it within this season. I would LOVE to see it animated!
      🙂 Thank you for your thoughts. I have no intentions of repeating my error in judgement back in 2011, I learned a lot and the hard way from that. Ironically that was during the time when YGO 5Ds was just wrapping up and I am still mad I wasn’t able to complete it, so YGO ARC-V is without a doubt my top priority for me to be enabled to cover till the very end- especially since I am a BIG fan of the show.
      The bizarre part of my condition though is that I haven’t been writing much at all in the past few months- hell! I was literally bedridden for almost a month! I am under-going different treatment which seems to be making an improvement and I have noticed the new keyboard itself is already making huge difference (definitely has proven to be more comfortable to type), so there are positive signs of improvements. 🙂 But again, I know myself well enough now to know where to draw the line. If my instinct tells me it’s not worth it or its simply not going to work out, I won’t do it/drop it altogether, which is why I wanted to let our dear followers know in advance since I had signed up for the season before this became a concern again.

  5. lilgamergal says:

    Before anything, i hope you get better ❤
    Secondly my heart. I just. Really really love this series xD ah man. I didnt think much of Bish but shes so kind and wow. I felt like an idiot xD im excited to see where this is going ฯ(‘×’)

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