This week episode starts with a little recap of the previous episode with Aya arrival to her new class for special gifted students and Wakatake’s request. He wants her to write a letter to the awful person who stole his precious mountain bike. First she refuses but after thinking twice about it she decides to help him writing the letter because she wants to make friends and not being a loner anymore.

Do you want to be the Heroine of the show or not ?

So they decide to investigate the crime scene where the rest of the gang was waiting for them. During the inspection of  the scene they made a terrible discovery : The yellow bike chain was cut off! Saperlipopette, what a shock ʕ◉ᴥ◉ʔ

You don’t say

Wakatake begins a mini speech on how much he needs everyone talent to solve this big mystery and that he counts on them to find the mischievous bike thief.  Since Wakatake wasn’t allowed to go to school with his new bike if he declares the robbery to the police his parents won’t buy him a new one. Sorry for you Aya, but you can strike him off your list of potential boyfriends, he’s clearly more attracted to his bike than to you.

Because it’s already too late to pursue the investigation, they all decide to split up and to meet up the next morning at the Special Class. However, Kuroki offers the heroine to walk her home.  Smooth move Kuroki, smooth move. But he managed to control his hormones and to leave her untouched and unharmed in front of her house with only a little ” Ok see ya ” as the romantic goodnight that Aya was expecting.

We are also introduced to Aya’s mom who was worried for her daughter since there was a robbery at the convenience store near her school. Is this robbery linked to the Mountain Bike disappearance? We’ll find out in the next episode because it’s already the end with another big cliffhanger : the telephone ringing !

P.S : I really think both mystery are linked since the Black car that we saw leaving the convenience store might be the same car as the one we see in the ending. I like to think that I’m a great detective but reality always reminds me that I’m not. Oh well, we’ll see ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

My thoughts :  

This was a pleasant episode. I still think Aya is a great character. Remember that because she’s a Reverse Harem girl she starts with a huge handicap. When Wakatake first asks her to write the letter she says no because she doesn’t feel concern about Wakatake’s problems but shortly after she realizes that she was wrong. If she wants to make friends turning them down when they ask you to help them, is not the right way to do it. And maybe that’s why she doesn’t have any, because unconsciously she was rejecting everybody. Also, unlike most of the reverse Harem heroines she mistakes her dreams for the reality. I’ll explain myself. In generic Reverse Harem anime, like Brother Conflict or Kamigami no Asobi, the boys are dying of love for the heroine but she has no clue at all. Aya on the contrary thinks that because smooth guy Kuroki walked her home that’s it! Her love story with him has begun. However she also realizes her own mistake soon after his departure. She sure has a lot of issues but she keeps on trying to solve them. She’s not standing watching the others do stuff without saying anything all the time like a lamp post ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ

This anime is an adaptation of a detective novel series for kids. I like the message of the show regarding friendship and it might be deeper than we thought. Of course the kids are a lot more thoughtful than actual children but it’s nice to see characters whose reactions don’t go into extreme every time. Also, I don’t really have the feeling that this show is a reverse Harem, because the boys are not pushing the heroine and that’s great. They act like normal people. Was it so complicated ?