High School Star Musical ~ Episode 8 [What to perform?!]

Phew, alright so in the way of things that Team Ootori does this episode. It’s pretty much, sit around and talk about what they are going to perform for the school festival. Loose at a game of rock, paper, scissors and eventually come together and decide that they are going to do a dance production called “Stardust Revolution”. Uh, other then that the spotlights of the episode for them are their song and Nayuki being nervous about performing in front of a group of 1’500 people.

It is interesting to hear the things they consider performing. Such as Les Mis or The Wizard of Oz, or Romeo and Juliet with Tengenji as a Kubuki actor who should be used to playing women’s parts as Juliet. The visual of this cracked me up a lot more then it should of.


Tengenji calls his sisters and phrases his request in the most risque way I could imagine. Causing Nayuki to try to beat him up, but be held away with one hand. He was really just asking for tea, but it was like ‘can you lend me your body’ or something like that. Nayuki is too precious.

The real drama of this episode lays in the actions of the red haired member of the Kao council. Where do I start, first off. WOW, just WOW. like, I really don’t like this guy. I mean, I’m sure the show will find some way to redeem him but like. First off, how do you even ASK someone to do that to their brother?
I don’t care how much you want to up-hold the schools traditions or whatever. You do NOT ask someone to throw their brother off the council. Throw his team into disarray and crush their dreams.


In what world, is this even an okay idea? Sure, the kids are upsetting the balance of the school but they aren’t doing anything against the rules. You can take your traditions and stuff them where the sun doesn’t shine! Team Ootori has done nothing wrong! They are just a bunch of cinnamon rolls! Some of them are actually rather talented, just have a few personality issues. Like Kaito, Tengenji and Shu!

So Team Ootori settles on their performance, Shu draws them a really bad picture despite saying that he can draw. I think when we saw the crayons out, it should of been a sign that something was about to go wrong. Kaito goes to drop off their equipment request when he overhears the red haired guy talking to Hiragi about making a decision on what to do about Ootori….

You have no idea how much I am NOT looking forward to this contrived drama. Good thing it looks like we have a flashback episode to the Kao councils time as a Star Team in between. Wait, that means I’ll probably have to cover the episode with all of them getting depressed and then pulling themselves back together…..


I hate this red haired guy. I’d look up his name, but i hate him so much I can’t actually bring myself to want to. What’s worse is he’s pressuring the rest of the Kao council to back him. The other students like Team Ootori, they’re fun and isn’t that what performing is all about at the end of the day? Making sure that your audience has fun?
If you’re too stiff, the audience will feel it and not be able to enjoy the performance as much. Which is what Team Ootori realizes as they figure out what to perform.

They need to have fun. So the audience can have fun as well, and that’s what they forgot while stressing out over what to perform.


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