Seven episodes in, and K: Return of Kings still has tricks up its sleeve. Maybe I am an unobservant anime watcher, or I missed something from not having read the manga, but I did not see the end of this episode coming at all. Very nice twist!

In a nutshell, what is originally portrayed as a dual-wave attack is actually a tri-team attack. The Red and Blue clans are aware of Sukuna, Yukari and Nagare, and have tailored their battle strategy to prevent the Green King from reaching the Dresden Slates. However, no one (except for perhaps the Blue King, Reisi Munakata) is aware of a hidden foe, hiding in the mists.

This episode keeps the action lively by giving viewers some great new beats to enjoy while the Red and Blue clans fight in vain to keep JUNGLE at bay. It is only when Nagare approaches the Red and Blue clans that Sukuna and Yukari back off, leaving Nagare alone to advance towards the top of the tower. Because Reisi is guarding the top floor, and Shiro is on watch duty, it is Anna’s turn to step into the battle. The young King’s power manifests as beautiful crimson wings, allowing her to soar beside Nagare as they spar back and forth.


Eventually Nagare breaks through the sliding doors on the top floor, and as he bursts into the room, Reisi takes him down with one brisk strike of his sword. Shiro and his clansmen, who had been watching the battle from outside the tower while waiting for Nagare’s power to run out before joining the fight, rush to aid Reisi. Things look over for the Green King as Reisi points his sword at Nagare’s throat… but then who is this new player? A sixth King? …Mr. Iwa!?

My thoughts: The new music was awesome, and it fit the feel of the episode, what with all of its battles and high energy chase scene between the Red and Green Kings. Neko continues to be a royal pain, Yata becomes a whiny little shit again, and Seri once again got reduced to fanservice. And not even good fanservice – the perspective used makes her ass and legs look huge, and then her body tapers into this skinny little torso and it looks so warped, like she’s some kind of slug creature thing. And no, GoHands, I really didn’t need to see part of her genitals up close and personal, thanks. *hides face*   As for Nagare when he’s all charged up … hot damn, he almost looks like someone else entirely. >>   Too bad he’s apparently just a corpse being kept alive by his King powers.

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE THOUGH!! *excited dance*


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  1. tsuruhami

    Dat plot twist. Suddenly I’m all for Nagare.
    Anna is quite badass in these episode.

    1. Nikolita

      Yeah she was. 😀

      Haha, I want to see more about the Gray King. ;D

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