Kamisama Minarai – Himitsu No Cocotama Episode 6 [Lost in the Woods!]

Is it weird that the series about the little underpants god made for seven year old girls with no English subtitles may be my favorite show this season? Yes? That is weird? Bah. Fuck it. I don’t care.

Yes, once again, we return to the land of magic, eggs, and….selling products. So what wacky adventures are our Cocotamas going to go on today? Well…you can probably guess from the title of the review. They…they get lost in the woods. Oh yeah. SPOILERS!

So the episode starts off with Kokoro and her class on a trip to the forest to hike and make food for themselves. Kokoro talks about how she’s a bit sad that the Cocotamas couldn’t come with her as they looked kind of excited, but luckily (or unluckily) it seems that they snuck into her backpack and came along (Okay, this is the second time. You’d think she’d check her backpack by now)

Seriously that chick needs one of those backpack locks

Seriously that chick needs one of those backpack locks

She tells them that there’s nothing she can do now, but to stay in the backpack and don’t go anywhere. They agree and she goes to help her friends cook at the campsite.

They actually do stay, but when they’re eating their dessert, the food rolls away and they run after it and doing so, get lost in the woods. They play around for a bit but realize that they have no idea how to get back.

That's either a really steep hill or really frictionless grapes

That’s either a really steep hill or really frictionless grapes

They try to use their individual magic to find their way back but each one fails, so they try all four of their magics together and that works, macgyvering together a flying carriage out of leaves and acorns.

I...I'm not even sure what to call that

I…I’m not even sure what to call that

Kokoro finds them and they all head home, a little shaken up, but having learned a lesson about not going too far off and of friendship.

Daw...friendship's adorable

Daw…friendship’s adorable

Yeah, this episode didn’t exactly have the deepest plot. Seriously, that’s pretty much the entire episode. There are some other little things like Kokoro’s human friends playing around and Gero making jokes about everything, but overall plotwise, that’s all you really need to know.

Truth be told, you’re not here to watch this show for the amazing plot. You’re here to watch it because it’s cute. And that’s something it does very well. The character designs and personalities are all very cute and they keep that feeling throughout this episode.

Seriously, how can you judge a plot? These things are fucking adorable.

Seriously, how can you judge a plot? These things are fucking adorable.

It was neat to see them all work together and show us that they can indeed use their magic together in combination to create something even better which I’m sure will become even more potent when the other 2 come in. Who knows, maybe they’ll summon like…Cocotama Captain Planet.

You'll pay for this Luckytama!

You’ll pay for this Luckytama!

I enjoy this show because I know I can just lie back and not worry about incredibly dark jokes, stupid bitch characters, or anything like that, it’s a cute kids show I can just enjoy and not worry about deaths or anything like that. I do look forward this week, not just to work on my Japanese, but also to see what these adorable little money mascots are going to do. And while “Getting lost in the woods” is one of the most unoriginal things they could have come up with, it still works and it’s still cute.

Episode 7/10


So…what’s next episode going to be?


…huh. Okay. That translates to “Sexy Cocotama Kirarisu. Do your Best Mom!” Huh…that…that should be..interesting?

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  1. Well gladly someone already did a fansub of the series, but episode 1 is released so far. But I would say the next episode will be bonkers since that infamous Garnet Shower Scene in Jewelpet. >.>

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