Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama Episode 9 [Soccer Magic]

So I have come to the conclusion that if Osomatsu is the show that makes me lose my faith in humanity, then Cocotama is the show that revives my faith in it. This show really is the antithesis of that show. Instead of being mean spirited and not fun, this show teaches some really good morals and is all around a fun show. What happened in this episode of Non-subtitled craziness? Well I’ll do my best to tell you (as best as my Japanese raw skills will let me anyway).

So the episode starts up with Kokoro hanging out with her friends when a bunch of older bullies show up and talk about how they want to use the soccer field as their private training ground because they’re older, better, and Kokoro’s friends suck at the sport anyway.

Aw man. So threatening. Especially the fat one who's wearing the cowboy vest...for...some reason.
Aw man. So threatening. Especially the fat one who’s wearing the cowboy vest…for…some reason.

They get into a verbal banter but it’s decided that the best soccer team will be decided the next day when they’ll have a match to decide who’s best.

Kokoro goes home and explains to the Cocotamas what’s going on. Never having before heard what soccer is, they learn the rules from the book Cocotama and they plead with Kokoro for her to let them come and watch the match.

D'aw...even their pleading is cute
D’aw…even their pleading is cute

She reluctantly agrees and they travel with her in her backpack. The day of the match comes and the sports friend talks to Kokoro and gives a whole speech about how she loves how friends are made through sports and basically ‘heart of the cards’ stuff.

They go off to the match and begin to play, with Kokoro and her friend cheering from the sidelines. Oh yeah. And apparently the other team brought some crazy talented dude who can bounce a soccer ball on each foot and his head at the same time.

I.... I didn't know that was possible. Thank you Cocotama, you taught me something new.
I…. I didn’t know that was possible. Thank you Cocotama, you taught me something new.

During the early part of the match, Kokoro’s team actually scores a goal, leading 1-0. However, seeing this, the other team of course decides to cheat. At first they replace the ball with a wateremelon (yeah don’t ask) and the spray pepper in the sport’s friend’s face.

Who the fuck brings a pepper shaker on the off chance you might have to cheat?
Who the fuck brings a pepper shaker on the off chance you might have to cheat?

So then the score is 1-1. However, then they use mirrors to blind the goalie and get another shot in, so it’s 1-2. Kokoro’s other friend runs off to go get a teacher as they are obviously cheating.

As this is going on, the Cocotamas see them cheating as well and decide to use their magic to help out. Gero and Fatty’s magic backfires and doesn’t work very well, and the pretty one using her magic only succeeds in transforming the guy that Kokoro likes into a really handsome prince and gets carried away by a bunch of older women as they fell under a love spell.

As I have said in the past. Don't question it.
As I said earlier, Don’t question it.

After he is carried away the team is one person short, so she asks Kokoro if she’ll play. She reluctantly agrees and with a combined effort of Mero and Lucky manages to score a crazy looking goal and tie the game up 2-2.

However, instead of the game continuing, and, this resolution actually shocked me, the bullies actually stop the game and say “Wow. That was really good. We want to play with you. Let’s get along.” And that’s basically where the episode ends.

I have to say, I actually did not expect that. Usually the status quo of these situations are “Argh. You beat us and now we’re angry and will come back later” or ” you beat us but we respect you now”. Never had a situation when they just said, “Wait. Let’s stop the game. You’re awesome.” That’s kind of funny and amazing at the same time.

Hooray! Fuck Confrontation!
Hooray! Fuck Confrontation!

This episode starts out as one of those “Okay, I know what’s going to happen” things, but I like how they took the opportunity to show you that you can’t dehumanize people just because they’re assholes. They’re people too, and, given the chance, they can become your friends. It’s a nice lesson to teach kids. Sometimes asses just need a little push in the right direction (Which in this case was magic).

This show never has any ulterior motives or negative thoughts behind it. It’s a very cute show that really makes me question why shows for adults don’t have these kinds of morals behind them. Every time I watch this show it makes me smile. Even the less than good episodes are better than other stuff I’ve seen on TV here. It definitely falls into cheese mode but it’s a good kind of cheese. Like Swiss Cheese. Mmm.. Swiss Cheese.

Episode 7/10


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