Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 80

Good lord, this episode was quite infuriating to watch. I was so frustrated, I was swearing at my computer screen, throwing my hands up in the air, and hollered, “YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!”

YGO ARC V Ep 80 Img 0010My speculation and wonder of how the crowd would react turned for the worse case scenario. Yuuya’s victory over Shinji only made the divide between the Tops and Commons grow further apart. But that  was not the worse part of all. Jean-Rogers showed up and only added fuel to the fire, framing it so it looked as if Yuuya is one of the Top’s ‘dog’. Then there was the post-result of Shinji’s supporters. They were furious with his loss, but they did not channel it towards him and throw him under the bus like I have feared happening, instead they lashed out at Yuuya for “robbing” him of the victory.  Now that the majority of the commons, including Shinji, Crow and Sam- who are all fucking idiots by the way- view Yuuya as an enemy. I swear to god, seeing their reactions was ticking me off and I was begging Yuuya to DO SOMETHING other than just standing there, letting Jean say whatever the fuck he likes. It may have made a difference had Yuuya displayed some obvious resistance- such as, Oh I know don’t- SLAPPING HIS HAND OFF HIS SHOULDER, SHOVING HIM ASIDE, TALK SHIT TO HIM- there were a number of things he could have done, but alas he did nothing and when he finally did try to do something, it was already too late, the damage has been done.

YGO ARC V Ep 80 Img 0029But let me stress on how annoyed I am with Crow and Sam. Crow of all people, is the one guy who had more time with Yuuya (not by much, but it’s still something) than Shinji and Sam. For the love of god, you let Jean the guy you hate change your opinion on a guy you had the chance to meet personally- and you let him do all the talking? Like what the fuck. Wishy-Washy much!?!?! I don’t care about the excuse/reason is because of their past relationship with Jack- it literally should not count because THEY AREN’T EVEN FROM THE SYNCHRO WORLD!!! What really pisses me off, is how this fucking idiot Sam jumps to the worse possible conclusion every. fucking. time. He immediately assumes Yuuya is no different than Jack- despite the fact he was able to show him how Jack’s Card is not as useless as everyone thought it is. But furthermore, WHY WOULD YOU TAKE JEAN’S WORDS FOR GRANTED? I literally can’t stand these kinds of things, it drives me insane. I know this is a popular tactic to use in fiction to trigger the next major event, but- it never gets old, it will always be frustrating to me as an audience member/reader.

It certainly doesn’t help that they are doing a good job of making me hate them- and they are only minor characters for crying out loud. But ultimately, the worse part about this ordeal is the alliance Yuuya had with Crow and his buddies probably a done and dead deal now. The Lancers are now completely on their own, and it is pretty much a 3 VS 1 war now that is about to take place within the Synchro Realm. This world is doomed for disaster, and it will require a miracle for them to put this civil unrest aside for another time to fend off Academia. The time bomb is ticking, it is now only a matter of time before it explodes, and the question is, how soon, and who will be the first to fall?

YGO ARC V Ep 80 Img 0021It was a relief when the episode finally shifted to Yuuya and Sora reuniting for the first time since the Battle Royale. Now, Sora’s talk with Yuuya sounded honest and with good intentions on paper, but regardless of his back-story and his claims of how he cherishes his friendship with Yuuya and Yuzu, I still don’t trust him. Here is the precise reason why I refuse to give him the benifit of the doubt just yet. First of all, sure it sounds good and a genius win-win plan from Sora’s perspective to have Yuuya to exchange Selena with Yuzu for the sake of protecting Yuzu from Academia (which is why he hastily sent Dennis back to Academia). But this is specifically why I couldn’t bring myself to trust him. This provides an opportunity to bring back both of them. How he would execute the plan is up for debate since it can potentially be 3 VS 1, but with an ulterior motive still being a possibility is enough for me to remain doubtful. On the other hand, if Sora speaking the truth from his heart, then I would commend him for trying to figure out way to protect Yuzu since he had overheard the conversation how the professor wants both of them. After a frustrating first half of the episode, this particular scene was a pleasure to watch. We had the chance to see Yuuya has grown, how he had spoken to Sora in a very mature manner, never forgetting nor leaving out why Academia is a dangerous enemy. He even outright questioned Sora if he was there to kidnap Yuzu as well, and gave him a reality-check that there is no win-win situation to do a trade because Yuzu would still be pursued, and regardless of whatever they may try- Academia is already planning to wreck havoc in the Synchro Realm, with or without Yuzu and Selena there.

YGO ARC V Ep 80 Img 0025Sora made it clear today that his feelings regarding Academia’s mission hasn’t changed, he also confessed he fears the Professor and wouldn’t want to be caught disobeying him. But if his feelings towards Yuuya and Yuzu are genuine, this could be foreshadowing where he draws the line. If he cares so much about Yuzu as he says he does, whatever the Professor plot has in mind for Yuzu and her counterpart sisters, if it means endangering her in any way- I can see Sora cutting ties with Academia in the future, and he may even prove to be instrumental for getting them into Academia’s territory.

Now that Jean knows Yuzu is alive and safe somewhere (because Yuuya can never keep his mouth shut when he needs to), he sent security to trail Yuuya. Jean wants to make sure he finds her before Yuuri does, because he too fears him.

In the meantime, and I don’t know if this is for the better or worse, but Yuzu has woken up and wandered off with Crow’s kids to watch the match from somewhere way high-up. That means Sora has to look for her all over again, and hopefully- Tsukikage will be the one to find her next before anyone else, before Yuuri shows up. I have no doubt in my mind he is probably already lurking around the Synchro Realm in the shadows at this point of time.

Next week, we have an interesting match-up with Crow VS Shun. Our two bird users will be duking it out and I have to say- hopefully this won’t be as chaotic as Shun’s previous matches. But given the mindset Crow has right now, regardless if Shun wins or loses, the fuse has been lit, and it could be as soon as the end of this particular match for this civil war to explode.


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0 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 80

  1. I am so done with the Commons. They are nothing but hypocrites. When Yuya tried to say their system was wrong, they only ridiculed him, but now that he is playing by their rules? They hate him even more!
    They call him a traitor? I don’t often swear outright, even on the Internet, but I’ll make an exception here, BULLSHIT! THEY started it by taking out their frustrations with the Tops on him instead of, you know, actual members of the Tops.
    I think at this point, I hate the Commons more than I hate the Tops.
    It is also currently too painful to watch Yuya continue to suffer for things that just aren’t his fault. I think I’ll hold of on watching new episodes until it is safe to watch again. I’m not sure when that will happen, but it will involve either Yuya becoming happy again in the long term instead of brief moments that we are getting, the Commons realising that they were wrong and apologising to Yuya, the Commons getting their comeuppance for their behaviour so far during this tournament, or some combination thereof.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. 1000000% DONE, go ahead Academia, invade them- none of us can bring ourselves to care.
      It is bound to come back to bite them- for both parties. And it will likely be Academia delivering the karma in the most destructive fashion.
      The society of the Sychro Realm is despicable and incredibly messed up, Reiji must know by now it is futile to build an alliance, so they might as well get the hell out of there ASAP because there is literally no gain anymore, only more danger.

  2. Is it wrong to think that Sychro may not be worth saving anymore except for Takumatsu(Enjoy), Yugo, Crow’s kids and maybe a few others? For goodness sake the Commons are not only hypocrites but completely gullible as hell, asshole Tops who literally don’t do anything but shit talk people and cheer for winners, a council who literally don’t do anything to the point of them having absolutely nothing them but completely on board with sending people to Slave Labor.
    Shinji literally doesn’t help with him whining over his match being a sore loser about it, hell when Sora lost he blamed himself for underestimating Shun but Shinji was basically bitching of the match being fixed until Jean owned him. Sam made me completely annoyed in him; not with the fact of only hating Jack’s card being it was a low-level but with going from cheering Yuya after seeing the card given from Jack used to win proving that cards aren’t useless to instantly hating Yuya after listening to Jeans praise. As fro Crow I have no comment but now it makes the heat for Crow vs Shun duel more interesting plus fans always wanting to knwo which Dark-Winged Beasts are better. Yugo on the other is somewhat understandable if he would believe it due to him not really knowing anything about Yuya except a little from Yuzu which would lead a bunch of misunderstanding especially their dragons.
    This also made me realize that Reiji never had Tsukikage inform the other Lancers about Jean relationship with Academia so Yuya wouldn’t know much about him but being the head of Security part.
    Overall, this makes me appreciate in how competent Jean is as a villian despite not dueling. He proves it doesn’t take much to get Commons attention, makes an brainwashed army of his own, always stays alert when needed, allowed Yuya to leave as a way of getting Yuzu, now currently trying to manipulate Yuya to the point of him becoming a pawn for his needs. By all means is only screw up was having Sergey face Yuzu and already made-up for that.

    1. Absolutely #NOTWORTH.
      Let us all sit back and watch the city burn.
      I hope Tsukikage informs Yuuya ASAP, but Reiji seems to have enough faith in Yuuya to figure it out himself- that Jean is nothing but trouble- and Jean doesn’t appear to be afraid to hide his true colors based on the preview. If anything, Yuuya might actually try to beat Jean at his own game- which I would be curious to see if he actually would try to do that.

      1. Sycnchro actually makes me want to root for Academia to and show them what real chaos is like. Wow!! This also makes feel bad for the Xyz Dimension even more how they literally had it completely worse. Jack can’t be blamed for Synchro’s shit either with him not promising anything to Commons and him rising to the Top with sheer will something Commons amazingly lack.

        1. It feels almost as if the Synchro Realm requires Academia to invade them in order to set their heads straight. The society is such a mess, full of hypocrisy, it is barely functional as it is. Since they refuse to listen to anyone but the victors, it seems almost fated to have Academia to be the ones to show them the cold reality of that mind-set. Let’s see how they like the way Academia rolls, with them paying the price.
          In the mean time, I wonder how Jack will act from here on out. I am sure he is or has already caught on how Jean is stirring up some serious trouble and wants to use Yuuya as his pawn, so I wonder if he will continue staying put for the time being, or take the initiative- by perhaps speaking Reiji.

  3. Honestly with how the show is passing by I have a strong feeling crow is going to win. I mean Yuya and Crow did dueled before (before it was interrupted with the security capturing them) and they are probably going to duel again. I mean I still have the small feeling that shun can also win, but for the most part all we can do is wait and see.

  4. The stupidity of Commons sure knows no bounds, they bashed Yuya who informed them about the underground forced labour, and now they slammed him AGAIN because their revolutionist wannabe Shinji lost fair and square!!! Venting out their anger against Yuya, seeing him as yet another “dog” of the Tops simply pissed me off, while Roger’s clever machination of events (and Yuya stood there like a speechless idiot) didn’t help the case, I was furious about how that Sam kiddo jumped on the anti-Yuya bandwagon instantly without even refreshing his mind!! To Shinji, just fuck off you moronic rebel, simply lashing out at Yuya despite your fair defeat (match-fixing yeah right) and swearing revenge only tarnished your already pathetic existence, but CROW WHY ARE YOU SO BLIND TOO??!! Seriously, why Academia invaded Xyz instead of Synchro?! This dimension is littered with blind fools living in a stupid society for God’s sake!! Even Emiya Shirou or Shadow The Hedgehog won’t want to save this ridiculous realm!! Sora the lollipop kiddo, well like Eva said I also couldn’t bring myself to trust him for now, who knows when he will pull out another Vector? Next episode though, birdspam vs birdspam!!! Crow vs Kurosaki I’m waiting it like no tomorrow!!!

  5. I see nothing wrong with what happened when Jean appeared. While he’s clearly not trustworthy from what we’ve seen, Yuya hasn’t even seen or been told squat because Reiji doesn’t bother to keep the Lancers informed of anything unless it suits his whims. Plus with how easy these Commons turn on people defending himself would change nothing but prove how selfish and self-centered they are, just like the Tops.
    While Jean was clearly saying bs that fits his objectives, Jean never the less put Shinji in his place and made it clear that everything he said was bullshit. Even calling out how stupid the idea that the duel was rigged would mean Shinji was in on it.
    The more the Synchro arc goes on the more I see Academia coming in and burning everything down as a good thing.

  6. That was my feelings on why he didnt slap Jean’s arm away! But it is fitting of Yuya’s character i think, he isn’t impulsive really (a welcome change from a lot of protagonists i’ve seen). It wasnt helping his case that he stood there frozen but i think that’s just how he reacts to situations that outright baffle him. I’m not saying it was smart just that his brain went into shutdown.
    I was actually imagining a situation where he’d be trying to bite him arm off when Jean shook his hand (it was funnier in my head).
    I cant even be bothered with the commons they’re as bad if not worse than the tops! Saying they hate the system and then endorsing it. Yeah all bark and no bloody bite! The tops are saints right now compared to them!
    I care a little more about Sora now but not enough that i care too much what he’s doing.
    I dislike Crow A LOT right now so i’m hoping for Shun to win!
    YAY the queen is awake and she seems to have no memory loss or anything like that!
    I really want to see the match with my Goddess Selena and Yugo! I know its unlikely Selena will win but one can hope right?

    1. honestly that’s what I am hopping for, you know, I Mean I love crow and everything, but the way that he was dissing Yuya (and getting to know him!) he thinks he a traitor….! I mean if anything if Crow wins or loeses I just honestly hope he has a good sense of morality… don’t make him the jerk of the week…
      Yuzu is awake, I just hope security and academia gets their filthy hands off of her!
      Can’t wait for the Duel between them, all I can say it’s going to be one heck of a rough duel.
      You know I have one question, why is it when Yugo dueled Yuya was in sync with him, but not the other way around… why is it that Yuya has that the other counterparts don’t have?

      1. Yuya does have a magical pendulum just like Yuzu has a bracelet that affects the counterparts. So maybe they are the leaders of their respective counterparts or something similar to that? It would make the most sense why Yuya was able to sync with Yugo and not the other way around since Yugo wouldn’t have as much ‘power’ as Yuya.

        1. O_____O What if the pendulum is the key and what would happen if Yuuri stole it to use for himself? IMAGINE.
          /RUNS AWAY

          1. haha lol! It would make sense why the pendulum glows and that whenever he pendulum summons or whatnot.
            If Yuri notices what everyone else in the series always overlooks then yeah Yuya’s in deep shit cos then Yuri will be after him as well as Yuzu
            *panics internally at the thought*

  7. There’s all this talk of Yuuri and he still has yet to show up… it’s really becoming ominous and I’m not sure what’s going to happen when he does appear. With how even Jean is building him up, he’s obviously given himself a reputation to fear as Academia’s main hunter.
    They also mentioned in the episode how the Obelisk Force is already on their way to Synchro, so a war is brewing right now, and things won’t be peaceful for much longer.
    Sam is the worst. Shinji I can forgive, because his concern lies with the Common resistance, but he was still just acting like a sore loser for no reason because he lost, and Crow blindly followed him for no reason other than that they’re friends. Sam, on the other hand, was just shown how Yuuya intended to give hope to them, only to turn on his heel at the drop of a hat. Jack, meanwhile, sits idly by and I really wish he’d just stand up and shut them all up sometime.
    And even the kids are forgetting Sawatari, the poor guy. Speaking of the losers, I wonder what’s going to happen with them? Enjoy is still with the other Lancers so I wonder if that will play into things later.
    I’m still not sure how much I trust Sora, because it seems a bit rushed how he’s starting to act good again. Maybe it’s just his face lingering in my mind from when he fought Shun.

    1. Yuri is pretty much considered as Leo’s right hand man especially since he main gets these jobs of kidnapping the bracelet girls.
      This makes feel a little sad for Sawatari at least knowing how got cheered by a crowd like this despite him losing means nothing now.

    2. Remember that Shinji lost to a monster that Yuya shouldn’t have had. That, and you know what losing means in the “Friendship Cup”. It’s not like he was angry for no reason. Sportsmanship counts less than zero in the Synchro dimension.
      Also, small reminder that Jack is full of shit and subscribes to the same brainless “competitive” ideology the rest of the Synchro dimension does. I wonder WHY you guys don’t hate him for that…

      1. I think it’s partly because we haven’t seen him actually do much. That, however, is by itself also something I take issue with. I mean, really, half the Commons also consider him a traitor, and we have not been shown whether he had done anything to try and fix that misconception.
        And when Crow said he was disappointed that Jack didn’t change anything, I actually agreed with him. Jack just has not been shown to actually do anything. And because he hasn’t done anything, it’s a bit harder to form concrete opinions, other than disappointment over him not doing much other than just being there.

        1. Jack probably doesn’t care with how much hate he gets with Commons because for what it’s already seen their full of hypocrites, sore losers and don’t take any action upon themselves but complain. Jack was a common just like them but rose to the Top out of determine/sheer will, something they lack as well as he never once promised a damn thing. Yugo even considers Jack as his and Rin’s goal to prove Commons have worth. In Jack’s position, he doesn’t have much of a reason to care what people think rather they like him or not, he became a better inspiration to Reira and Yuya, tried to be one with Sam but we all know how that turned out.

          1. I think that’s the secret to his character. It’s not that Jack doesn’t care or is the so-called “tops’ dog”, he has done things in his own way to help out- but he never from what we have seen outright dismiss any of the commons. Those so-called dismissals are complete misunderstandings on the commons’ part, and in all honestly- I think Yuugo is the only one who really takes him in as who he is since he isn’t all, “JACK IS A TRAITOR!!!111” If anything, what Jack had hoped by giving them some opportunities (such as Sam with his card as he received a card by chance from above to get where he is now) them to do something for themselves rather than sit around on their ass and wait for someone else do it for them.

  8. You know what my favorite part was? The animation error where then they flashed back to Yuya and Sora in Standard, and then suddenly YUYA IN HIS RIDING SUIT. …what.

    1. AHAHAHA IKR IT WAS SO FUNNY! I actually completely missed it and only noticed once it was mentioned on tumblr! INCEPTION

    1. I was referring to the the numbers of opponents involved in the conflict who are more or less against the Lancers.
      (1) Academia, (2) Jean-Roger’s Team & (3) Synchro World’s Board + Citizens

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