I knew this episode would be awkward, though I have to say it was a lot different then I thought it would be. I thought the episode would be filled with Team Ootori moping about no longer being a Star Team and losing their drive and then something would happen to make them feel better.
You know, that cliche’.


Instead we’re treated to an episode of them being unnaturally upbeat, though skating around talking about Ootori as he’s abandoned them there, taking a leave of absence from the school. Basically at the end of the episode everyone says they were avoiding talking about him because they knew that Hoshitani was hot for senpai and didn’t want to upset him.

otherwise the episode is made up of training montages and hope. Also Nayuki making Shumai, telling them a horror story about a guy who kept having his Shumai disappear. Tengenji gets WAY too into the story and when the punchline of the fact they were just stuck to the top of the lid is revealed he comically falls over.


Shumai remains a theme throughout most of the episode like them talking about how it looks like a star. Then Hoshitani and Nayuki end up going out on a date, I know it’s supposed to be like a guys day out and Hoshitani just messed it up by taking them on a date guide.
I enjoy the idea that this was too gay even for Nayuki. Even he was like “Dude, too gay.”
So while they’re out on their ‘no longer a date…but Hoshitani somehow didn’t seem to care that it was a date.’ they go out for some dinner, but alas, Nayuki doesn’t have enough money to pay and Hoshitani forgot his wallet.


Good thing the place is owned by the family of one of the members of Team Hiragi. Who decide to wave their fee if their team does the embarrassing shumai dance at the restaurant that night instead. So Team Ootori ends up doing the embarrassing shumai dance and then heading out to head home.
On their way, Tengenji declares that he will lead them in Ootori’s place and since they are all together. They should practice. So they of course, burst out into song and dance.

The song is pretty good, I’m not sure if it was a prototype of the one that they’re going to do for the festival or if it was a random one. I think I actually teared up during it in the part they talked about Ootori.

OKAY, I CRIED. I actually felt how much these boys missed their senpai and wanted him back. I know, it’s pathetic and I am a wuss for crying over this stupid gay musical anime! So sue me!
Welp, I have no predictions for next week but I hope that Ootori comes back to the group soon. Hoshitani needs to confess his love. I mean, they need to show Senpai how much they’ve grown!