Midnight’s thoughts

I guess what’s most important in looking back at this series is taking a look at what my first impression of it was. Now, I’m quoting myself here “The summery doesn’t do much for me, however the pv does. Seeing the animation and the characters and the [gay undertones]. I think I’ll be checking this one out, yo know…for the comedy.”
From there, I can pretty much say it satisfied all of my expectations for the series. It was pretty enough, if not a little wonky from time to time. The characters, for the most part were generally enjoyable. A few of them got on my nerves. [looking at you, Akatsuki. You too Hiragi!]
However, for the most part. Everyone else was pretty enjoyable and I really came to like them.

As for those gay undertones, WELL, I wasn’t wrong! I mean, aside from Hoshitani’s completely obvious love of Ootori. There was that Nayuki and Hoshitani scene. Was that a canon confession? Did he mean it as friendship? We’ll never know, but I’m going to believe it was genuine and thus a fairly large step having a canonly gay confession in a non Shonen-ai series.
Well, it’s alright. Too be fair, I’d been saying Nayuki wasn’t exactly straight since he was riding around on Dolphins singing about his friendship with Hoshitani in the early series.

The songs were pretty nice, only three really stick out in my mind and will probably hold a permanent place in my mp3 player and in my heart. Which are, in reverse order three to 1.

3. Kao councils song – This song was a good way to ease us into what the rest of the show would be like, it was catchy. established the series ‘bad guys’ in a most epic way. This was the first song in the show to really get my blood pumping.

2. Ending song/Seishun Countdown – I’d loved the ending since I first heard it, so when it began playing as they performed in the final episode. I was practically bouncing in front of my computer with glee. It’s catchy, and fun to listen too. As it’s sung by the main characters of the show. It’s a testament to their vocal talent….but not as much as my number one song.

1. Ayanagi Showtime[Team Ootori’s version] – I don’t know what to tell you, from the minute this song came on I was entirely obsessed with it. I kept watching it over and over, I found a copy of the full version and began listening to it. I think I had the song stuck on repeat for at least a day. This was the song in this anime that completely stole my heart.
However, it has to be the Team Ootori version. The tempo, the voices, the beat, the heart. None of it is there in the Team Hiragi version. Which is unfortunate, because it’s not that the people they got to sing for Team Hiragi aren’t talented….it’s that, the team Ootori version was created to be more ‘exciting’ more ‘wild.’ because that’s the kind of group they were.

High School Star musical managed to be everything I expected, and maybe a little more. Because it often didn’t fall into cliche’s that I expected it too. Such as everyone moping when Ootori left. The ending felt a little rushed, but for a series I had fairly low expectations for outside of some juicy shipping bait. It wasn’t bad.

I’ll give Starmyu a 9/10.

Now back to you Charibo!

Yo Yo Yo It’s Charibo

It’s time for my final thoughts on High School Star Musical 

FullSizeRender (6)

When I first heard of this show in the fall anime preview I knew this was going to be my thing. I’m a sucker for musical shows and well, I do enjoy good looking anime boys. However I was kind of worried this show was going to be a Shounen Ai, but hopefully it wasn’t. Well, obviously they are all gay undertones but this was more funny than romantic, so I’d like to call them Homodachis or “gay friendly”. They like to take baths together and they enjoy practicing and sweating with their bros but of course: No homo.

Story: Not amazing but enjoyable. I didn’t have so many expectations for the story so I wasn’t disappointed. But I was quite annoyed during the last episodes with all the problems around Otoori’s departure. I felt like all this stuff could have been avoid if Akaatsuki wasn’t such a Dick. So yeah, I pretty much stayed for the songs and because they were always amazing. I doubt the fact that this show is going to get a second season but if I’m wrong, I’ll be there watching it.

Characters: All the cast is nice expect Akaatsuki who is a complete douchebag. I’d like to give the “Best guy” trophy to Kakeru Tengenji because he has an amazing voice, red hair, a cute cat and a Tsundere with a lot of blushing personality. So yeah Kakeru : Best guy. But, special Mention to Nayuki for being too pure for this world and for selling me dreams during the episode 11 with his love confession. Thanks Nayuki, UR awesome bruh

Just look at him

 Songs: The first songs were really funny with some random insertions. Special Mention to Nayuki’s song (again Nayuki I love you bro) that made my heart melt while making me laugh at the same time. Also, I’d like to give the “Random” trophy to Team Hiragi for their performance at the Hiragi’s mansion. The way they come out of nowhere was one of the best moments, special mention to Shu’s friend for dancing on a rooftop. But overall I did enjoyed pretty much all the songs. Also, I’m glad Akaatsuki didn’t get a song. Wow, I really hate him…

Here’s my subjective Top 3 of the songs:

Rank Title Interpreters Why
1  Ayanagi Showtime  Team Otoori Simply the best, I was in love with this song the minute Nayuki started singing. This is amazing. I still “try” to sing it in my shower, without success.


Don’t throw rocks at me, I don’t know japanese but this is what I hear

2  World of Flowers  Kakeru Tengenji  Catchy as hell and the Art is amazing. For me it was the best character song. What ? You’re saying that I’m biased because I like Kakeru ? Pfff SO WHAT ?
3 Star of Star Team Hiragi I love the Team Hiragi. The lyrics, their way of  dancing is really funny and the way this song was inserted was one of the best moments of the show

Score: I’ll give this sow an 8,5/10 because it was too funny. My only regret is the animation quality which was kind of bad sometimes, especially with the characters not in the first plan. They had what I like to call ” crazy resting faces” when they face features go crazy all with one eye bigger than an other and other stuff like that?


Like my drawing you’re saying ?

Yes exactly, see you get it

 However, I do give this show a big round of applause for not choosing the easy path and not animating the dancing parts with 3D characters. Thank you STARMYU, thank you.