Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan Episodes 10+11: Goura and Ashinoko

Episode 10

I said I didn’t like making short reviews but these are going to be really short, because there’s not much that’s worth talking about.

We start out by breaking the fourth wall with the two girls we don’t know saying that they haven’t even said their names yet, and then proceed to say their names. The sailor girl is named Ashinoko, and the one in traditional clothing is Goura. They’re both sitting at a place named Goura Park, so it wasn’t hard to figure out that the black-haired one was actually a goddess. And so that meant that sailor girl is also one too. Funny how none of them look like goddesses, except maybe Hakone because of her clothes.

They’re upset because nothing’s been going like they planned and Goura thinks Ashinoko is blaming her, and since they’re in her domain, Ashinoko tries not to piss her off. It’s then that Hakone and the rest of the group appear out of nowhere. They came because they wanted to have a picnic and they think this place is pretty. But then Goura gets upset that they would step into her domain, so all of a sudden she just starts attacking them with water and in that process she’s destroying her own garden. Ashinoko calms her down and Goura sees this, then Ashinoko pulls her away, to where Goura starts crying that she’s ruined the place. And our main group find a dry place for their picnic.

Nothing noteworthy here except finally knowing the name of the two girls that were after Hakone. We still don’t know why they’re after Hakone though, so…this episode was whatever.


Episode 11

After one goddess domain being destroyed, another one probably will too. Though we didn’t see that.

In this episode, Miya explains that more hot springs gods are popping up and the diminishing of their power is because of the times. So then they come up with an idea that they should go to Ashinoko, to the place where the gods gave them their magic boxes, to see if they can somehow replenish their powers there. So they head there and go on board a ship and head to the island, with Goura and Ashinoko watching over them.

And that’s really it. Again, not much happened this time except we got a little info. This episode served the purpose of actually moving the plot to some sort of resolution to the conflict. Hopefully something does happen, because most of these episodes were just small comedy bits, so it’s been a little boring.

Next post of this review will be the last so let’s hope it all wraps up okay. Also, animation took a dip for these two episodes so that was a little distracting.

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