Ugh. I gotta tell you, last week was so dull, so lame, so boring, I couldn’t even bring myself to do it. So i’m doing it in a two parter this week because. Wow.

So last week started up after Wet Blanket got captured. However most of the episode does not revolve around this. Oh no. Most of the first episode is a flashback to when Xeon and Lillith first met. I know what you’re thinking. Awesome. Because that was my first reaction too. (I hope you can sense the sarcasm).

10 minutes of solid Xeon? Oh World Trigger, you spoil me.
10 minutes of solid Xeon? Oh World Trigger, you spoil me.

Basically here’s the lowdown. Xeon was a super special awesome guy who was better than everyone at Trion soldiering stuff. He heard talk about a new trion soldier that was better than anything Xeon could come up with. He decides to go investigate. There he finds Lillith floating in a tube.

It's like the fifth element! know..bad.
It’s like the fifth element! know..bad.

Okay. Here’s my question. I have to stop for a second. Why would they name her Lillith? Lillith, in some practices of Christian belief was the first woman who was also made by mud alongside Adam but he rejected her because she wanted to be equal which is why god made Eve out of Adam’s rib so she’d be subservient. So yes, it makes all the sense in the world to call her Lillith. IF SHE WAS MADE ON EARTH. See, it’s a cute little inside joke to name her Lillith if she’s from Earth. But if she’s from another dimension entirely which has a completely different religion system, WHY would they name her based on someone from Christian ideology? I know this is a bit off topic but really? That’s TOO much of a coincidence.

Anyway, sorry that was more interesting to talk about than this episode.

Anyway, Xeon goes back to visit her until she learns that her  memories will be taken away because she’s going to be used as a fighting machine and doesn’t need those memories.

Wait! you mean I wasn't made by the military so I could live my life free the way I want? What the fuck?
Wait! you mean I wasn’t made by the military so I could live my life free the way I want? What the fuck?

And then he escapes with her to Earth. Yep…that’s about the story. Exciting right?

Anyway, finally Konami and the rest are on their way to get to the group! Hooray! Oh no wait…they’re stopped by random trion soldiers.


That's it, isn't it? You just fucking hate me.
That’s it, isn’t it? You just fucking hate me.

Meanwhile back in Osamu capture land, after a few attempts, he manages to activate his trigger so the gang can track him and locate where he is. And that’s where the first episode ends.

So as you can guess, this episode was a big fat nothing. I think ANYBODY could have guessed what happened with this. He met her. She was a weapon, he escaped with her. This wasn’t exactly a new concept which rattled the world. Then again, as I have said many times before in the past, baby’s first shonen.

Was the second episode any better? Well…at least it didn’t have a flashback for half the episode.

58 Starts off with the group getting Wet Blanket’s signal and heading off to go save him. The robot realizes they now know where he is, but Giev says not to worry as this can be part of the plan as well.

If it's fine that they know where you are, why didn't you just tell them in the first place?
If it’s fine that they know where you are, why didn’t you just tell them in the first place?

Xeon tells Lillith to stay put while they rescue him. And yeah. of COURSE she’s going to stay and not escape and go after-



…Whoops, never mind.

So meanwhile the cool characters are still stuck on cleanup duty while Chika, Xeon, and Duckface go to the caves to save Osamu. There’s a cave in and they get separated, xeon and Chika on one side, duckface on the other.

Duckface is the one to eventually come in contact with Giev and gets put into a weird trion sphere and is forced to battle a bunch of trion soldiers.

Yeah, the downside of this attack is I have to basically sit here and watch TV with my thumb up my ass
Yeah, the downside of this attack is I have to basically sit here and watch TV with my thumb up my ass

Eventually though Giev goes too far and tries to replicate…well…Replica from Duckface’s mind. To which Duckface basically says “Fuck that noise” and summons his black trigger and destroys the dome and the trion soldier.

Oh. and Wet Blanket throws his shirt on top of a trion soldier and gets away. No I’m not joking.

Take THAT advanced enemy robot!
Take THAT advanced enemy robot!

Xeon and Chika meet up with now shirtless wet blanket and the episode ends with Giev revealing that he ALSO has a black trigger!

Dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!

If you couldn’t tell by my lackluster description and my sarcasm…I was not very impressed by these episodes. The first of the two was half useless flashback and the other half was “We can’t do anything since we don’t know where Wet Blanket is!” At the very least the second episode had stuff happen. Sure it wasn’t a whole LOT of stuff, but at least Wet Blanket caught up with his peeps and they’re probably going to wrap up this soon. (I hope).

Stop teasing me like you're actually going to have these guys DO something!
Stop teasing me like you’re actually going to have these guys DO something!

We finally get to MAYBE see Giev and Duckface duke it out next episode and see some cool stuff and then we can get back to the actual plot at hand hopefully saying goodbye to Xeon and Lillith. (I will not miss them).

The arc is coming to a head which is nice, but I feel like it took too long to get here. It was an unnecessarily long game of cat and mouse and it took too long to learn things we already knew. Yes, I understand it’s a filler arc so you really can’t have characters do anything NEW because it’s not the manga so you have to keep things status quo but act like they’re not. Some shows do it really well. This show….not so much. It feels like filler so much it actually kind of hurts. Regardless, 57 was lame, and 58 was okay. Had some good action scenes and Wet Blanket actually did SOMETHING so…there’s that. I’d say skip 57. All you need to know, they recap in 58.

Episode 57: 4.5/10

Episode 58: 6/10




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  1. gorgonzola

    Never followed this one so…is wet blanket, like, important? Like wimp#1135689 with hidden super powers?

    1. Nikhil Cruz

      Lol, he’s the de-facto main character with everything told more or less around his viewpoint.

      Back to the episodes, I more or less agree with what’s being said. I will give episode 58 8.5/10 for Osamu’s strategy though to get himself shirtless.

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