What a nail-biter episode this was. There wasn’t a second I was at ease, it was absolutely a turbulent. Right off the bat, we given the confirmation that Fumitan is in fact supposed to be a undercover agent (I KNEW IT!), working directly under Kudelia’s sponsor. But Fumitan is conflicted with the final plans that had been laid out, where Kudelia would be assassinated at Dort 2. The purpose of killing her is to take advantage of her role in her fight for Mars’ freedom. Her sponsor also made it so the word had gone around of how Kudelia is the outer-sphere people’s Goddess, their messiah, and how Tekkadan are her knights and should be considered heroes. This is why the two things Tekkadan hadn’t expected happened: A warm welcome from the workers of the factory and discover the cargo they had delivered was actually military cargo (military assault riffles,  tanks, etc…).Gundam Tekketsu Ep 14 Img 0017 As result of this, Tekkadan gets dragged into this hot mess just after Naze had warned them to not get involved with Ghjallarhorn and follow the law and order. And Tekkadan was behaving well, in fact they weren’t the problem: It was the factory workers that caused the riot. Even when Ghjallarhorn’s security team invaded the factory, the workers all had the same thought int mind- they have weapons now, so why not fight back? And so they did, forcing the security team out. But as Orga said- there was no reason for them to celebrate, Ghjallarhorn will only send a larger and more dangerous force.

Gundam Tekketsu Ep 14 Img 0016And you have to give props to Orga. He immediately became suspicious of how the workers were talking to them, and how Tekkadan who had just been put together recently is suddenly so well known. And we can see he was growing even more uneasy with the said ‘Kudelia’s Supporter’ being behind all of this. When the situation escalated, Orga was also able to act quickly, ordering Merribit and the others to get their ship out of the factory immediately, and to leave them behind for the time being. As to how Orga and the others will do now, they are in a very difficult and dangerous position. Perhaps they attempt to investigate GN Trading to figure out how they ended up delivering a said illegal transaction in the first place.

While that was all happening at the factory, Kudelia, Atra, Fumitan, Mika and Biscuit are at Dort 3. Kudelia asking to go to Dort 3 to do some shopping threw a curve-ball to the assassination plans. By escorting her to Dort 3, Fumitan is disobeying her orders- and she wonders why she so willingly did so. Well, it’s obvious to us, she cares enough about Kudelia that she doesn’t want to see her get killed. That is why she was so conflicted and uneasy about receiving the final order in the first place. Gundam Tekketsu Ep 14 Img 0019But surprise, another curve-ball arrives! It turns out Biscuit has another sibling, an older brother who was able to find success and work at a major businesses, AND his family was originally from the Dort Colony, but like Mars, still lived in the slums. He makes an effort to reach out to his brother Sawawin after Atra and Kudelia encourages him to do so. (I was completely against this plan after all the shit Akihiro just been through, I am not naive enough to think it will be a sunshine and rainbows reunion!) And sure enough I was right. Biscuit was able to contact his brother, and his brother was happy to hear from him- but that all came crumbling down the second Biscuit told his brother he works with Tekkadan. The problem? His brother was investigating them due to the alert that Tekkadan was supplying military weapons. And now as we saw in the preview, Biscuit is going to be thrown under the bus by his own brother… ALL BECAUSE ATRA WAS LIKE ‘OH YOU SHOULD GO ALONE! WE WON’T BOTHER YOU!” GIRL JUST STOP. STOP. YOU ARE ON ENEMY TERRITORY RIGHT NOW! It kills me how naive she still is after the tragedy with Akihiro’s brother. I pray Biscuit will be okay! He is one of my favorite characters! Either way, next week’s episode is going to be absolutely chaotic, the gears of war are now turning swiftly no thanks to the said Supporter who oiled them in the first place!
My heart isn’t ready for this.

Last but not least, the new OP and ED Themes were both fantastic. I think the new OP song, “Survivor” by BLUE ENCOUNT was able to live up to the hype of the first, and the new ED  “STEEL -Tekketsu no Kizuna-” by TRUE was beautiful and matched Tekkadan’s meaning and dreams.

But most importantly, the iconic Mask return! The preview makes it sound pretty obvious though of who is behind it: Fareed. He claims the minute he puts on the mask (with a fancy wig and all), he gains a life of a different man. Can’t say I am surprised considering how he hates the life he is living. Being engaged to a child, and having to follow his father’s orders and shit. If he’s going to rebel the life he was living, he is going to do it in style.


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  1. exof954

    “Can’t say I am surprised considering how he hates the life he is living. Being engaged to a child, and having to follow his father’s orders and shit. If he’s going to rebel the life he was living, he is going to do it in style.”
    LOL- Never thought about it that way, but you’re right- and now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing him deliver a dramatic revolution Lelouch- or Kirei-style. Make it flashy, pretty-boy!
    Nice to see I’m not alone in my opinion on “Survival” as well- it’s really annoying how just about everyone and their brother seems to be whining about how “This OP/ED is obviously sh*t”, because the first was done by MWAM and so-on. This one’s just as good, and a lot better than some of the other stuff we’ve got this season! Geez…

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