Haikyuu 2!! Episode 15: [Place to Play]

“I can’t do fancy plays, but I can give you guys a solid foundation “


Reviewing matches is hard, I always have the feeling that I’m only repeating what all the characters have said before me. So that makes my reviews shorter… Like Berry I don’t like that. But anyway, Haikyuu is the best, so I’m still glad I have the chance to review it.

Let’s freaking do this ! 

This week’s match is against the team Johzenji.

vlcsnap-2016-01-17-12h37m29s120Also known as the ” Party-Team” they were semi-finalists at the previous Inter high.  Their best asset is that they are quite unpredictable. Indeed during the match they do… strange stuff ? Yeah I can’t think of  any other words to describe them, “unpredictable” fits them the best. So during the match, one of the players save the ball by using his feet, the captain with the tongue pierce scores a point by hitting the ball behind the end limit while doing a crazy spin. They also change setters during the match… I think the best description of their way of playing goes to my Sugar-wara who said that playing against them was like:  ” Playing against some super talented baseball team in gym class”. 

But apparently  they are a bit careless. They miss a service and go all ” YOLO, that’s not a big thing”. There is no 3rd year in the team, expect the manager and they’ve mostly practiced two-on-two games. So they’re constantly trying to attack, and they get in each other way. Huuum, what strikes me the most is that they want to have fun even when they are loosing. Also, a lot of people have mentioned that their banner ” Simplicity and fortitude” doesn’t really fits the team or at least, their new generation of players.

As for Karasuno‘s side:


Kageyama took the ball in the face. Or I’d rather say the ball hit him like a bitch and made his nose bleed. Therefore he is forced to switch out  until he gets better and Hinata is changed to. Does that mean that if Kageyama isn’t there, the other players can do better than Hinata? Well they’ve mentioned quite a few times that even if Hinata can jump and do his amazing things, the other players are still better than him at basic stuff. That might be why, if Kageyama isn’t on the court, there’s no real point in leaving Hinata because he cannot do the quick attack alone. That’s a bit sad though. I want him to get better at everything so that he’ll be able to stay on the court even when Kageyama isn’t there. On the other hand, I’m quite happy that Kageyama got switched out because then, it’s time for SUGAR-WARA TO ENTER THE BATTLEFIED!



I’ll leave everything 4 you <3 Just ask me

 So Sugar-wara gets to play a bit and is paired with Narita, a guy that I didn’t know existed. I don’t want to sound mean or anything, but I seriously had no clue that this guy was in the club. I can’t remember him saying anything before. So, apparently Narita and Sugar-wara have been practicing a lot as a pair the past few months. And they are actually great. They score a few points and it’s enough to make Kageyama and Hinata realize that they are not the only pair that works well in the team. So, Sugar-wara is playing a bit but doesn’t really get that much screen time in my opinion.

Neeeeh It’s okay… I’m sure he will shine in another episode.

Karasuno also do a synchronized attack “Sugawara version”, I didn’t even know that was a thing and mark a point. It’s the set point and Johenzji thinks that Karasuno’s syncro-attack was really cool so they decide to try doing it. But because that’s not something that you can master like that, in one try , they miss the ball and loose the set. That’s quite dumb to loose a set with a stupid mistake like this one.

But more importantly, this match was also the occasion to witness the begging of what I like to call ” The raise of Daichi”


“I can’t do fancy plays, but I can give you guys a solid foundation “





I have my eye on Daichi. Even if he doesn’t shine as much as the other players, he’s always there watching their backs, telling everyone to calm down when they get too excited because of the other team. That’s quite interesting that they made him pose in front of Johzenji’s banner, cuz from all the players, he might be the one that describes ” Simplicity and fortitude” the best.

During the second set, Johzenji’s team finally realizes thanks to their manager that loosing isn’t fun at all, and that now,they’re going to play more seriously. Well they have more than 10 points to score if they want to win the second set. But apparently in next week’s episode the match against them will still continue so they’re some high chances that they’ll manage to catch up with Karasuno because after all, they are unpredictable.

They are all fired up . LOL

PS: OH I forgot to mention, Tsukishima’s brother got new sport glasses for his brother. Everybody thinks they are cool but honestly, I see no difference with the previous ones… Yeah, I’m not really into glasses.

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    1. Best comic duo of the show ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧ . There’s also another moment in this episode that got me. It’s when Hinata is talking to the Johzenji’s captain through the net and behind him there is Tanaka making his creepy, threatening face for no reason XD

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