Haikyuu 2!! Episode 17: [The Battle Without Will Power]

Such class, such fab


Damn you, last week cliffhanger !

Don’t you dare hurt Daichi

Karasuno needs  its daddy

Like the guys from the team Johzenji mentioned, one of Karasuno’s toughest player is captain Daichi. He gives a solid basis to the team,  but no one really notices him since his actions aren’t amazing at first sight. Like he said in the episode 15: ” I can’t do fancy plays, but I can give you guys a solid foundation”. I agree, Daichi is a really strong player. I can’t count the number of times when he was behind the other members saving their asses and giving easy balls to Kageyama so that he could toss them to Hinata.


Last episode, we saw that Daichi and Tanaka collided. Daichi’s head had hit Tanaka’s arm quite violently. Daichi seems okay, he hasn’t lost his memory and isn’t felling dizzy but still, there’s blood running out of his mouth and he has lost a teeth. He wants to continue playing but Coach Ukai and the sensei agreed that he should go to the infirmary first. However, like Oikawa said, even if Daichi’s injury isn’t that bad, there’s two important problems caused by it. First Tanaka aka Baldy,  might feel guilty if they lose the match. Even Daichi apologized and said that it was his fault and not Tanaka’s but we can clearly see that Tanaka is regretting what happened and might think it’s his fault. Then, if Daichi can’t play the match anymore, who is going to take his place? Who is going to provide the solid basis that the team need ?

Well, Ennoshita enters the arena.

He’s apparently really great at managing the first year players. That’s true, even if we didn’t see him playing, in the second season he appears quite a lot to reprimand the first years. But yeah, he was  more a kind of comic relief than anything else… So he’s like the second dad of the team  after Daichi then ?

It’s this guy

 What ?

“What about Sugar-wara, Charibo ?”

Sugar-wara is the mom of the team.


Why are you even asking ?


So it’s Ennoshita’s time to shine. Everybody on the team thinks that he should be the next captain, replacing Daichi next year, since all the third years will have to leave. Seriously… I don’t want to think about that. I really don’t… Hopefully it’s not going to happen this season… but… ggggggggggggggggnnnnnh…. I don’t know what I’m going to do when the third years will leave… Not just the Karasuno’s third years, but there’s also other players in the rival teams … Gosh, I’m gonna cry so much.

We take a look at Ennoshita’s background story. Apparently he ran away from the club cuz he couldn’t stand Old Coach Ukai’s training. He was skipping practice, reading manga and eating ice cream instead of playing. But he was also remembering the joy that you feel when you succeed in doing an amazing play. He wasn’t the only skipping though, they were actually 5 of them and 2 decided to quit the club definitely. The other remaining two are still in the team but I’m not capable to tell you their names. So that’s why Ennoshita doesn’t really feel legitimate as the next captain. However, now, he’s ready to fight to win this match.

Don’t cry Yama Ur awesome

Yamaguchi also, gets to play a bit. He changes with Tsukishima and has to serve. He does a really nice jumping and floating serve really close to te net and marks a point. However, he feels like it was a luck play so he decides to play safe and gives up on the floating serve. Too bad, cuz floating serve is the shit. Plus, let’s be honest, Yamaguchi isn’t really good at anything else. Being able to do this amazing serve might be his asset so he better use it…

He’s so scared that he’s not able to move when the ball is falling right in front of him. Ennoshita saves the day by diving but that was close. They win the set but  Coach Ukai is pissed at Yamaguchi for playing the safe card. Ennoshita defends Yamaguchi who starts crying.

God dammit Ennoshita-senpai

such balls you have

plz be the new dad of the team

too nice, too dazzling, too fab for me.


Anyway, Yamaguchi is aware of his problem and decides that enough is enough,  it’s time to fight and to stop running away like a coward. That’s funny how this episode was about two members that don’t get to play that often and who are facing the same problems. When they finally have the chance to play, they are so scared of disappointing the other members that they can’t play as well as they wanted to. But they are both awesome, I love them. I love everyone in this anime it’s crazy.

The second set has began and Wakuman is leading 18 to 14 . Even if Ennoshita is doing his best, he’s struggling to be as good as Daichi. Next week, the match will continue and Ennoshita will, I hope, reveals himself as an important member of the team. I wouldn’t mind him to be the next captain of Karasuno. He’s like another version of Daichi, seriously, they even look alike… But… I don’t want the third years to leave…


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