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It’s a new year and sadly it’s time for me to say goodbye. With the new year I am looking at new plans, which include going back to school. I fear i would be overwhelmed trying to blog on top of that. It was lovely writing for you guys and I got to cover a lot of great series that I really enjoyed. Some of them even moving into my top five series of all time.

I wish the best of everyone in 2016 and hope that everyone has a good time. Please continue to enjoy the reviews here on AngryAnimeBitches, there are a bunch of wonderful reviewers here. With that, I will step out of the lime light. Wish me the best of luck in my future!

Midnight out~ El Psy Congroo.

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  1. Eva

    *HUGZ* We wish you the best in your studies Midnight! We will miss you!!!

  2. Nikolita

    *hugs* I really enjoyed getting to write alongside you. We will miss you, and all the best to you with your studies and future plans! 😀

  3. Vantage

    Best of luck with everything, it was great having you as part of the team!

  4. Charibo

    Ahnnn That’s sad … Even the picture is giving me the Feels ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
    I’m glad I got to review STARMYU with you and I wish you luck with your studies
    Au revoir ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

  5. Berry

    Ahh this is so sudden. Hope everything goes well for you, we’ll all miss you!

  6. gorgonzola

    We didn’t interactat all you and I but good luck with your studies and stuff. Have a good year:)

  7. WandererYS

    Really liked your Overlord coverage last season. Do your best when you’re back at school.

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