Ojisan To Marshmallow Episode 2 [I’m Flirrttingg in The Rainnnnnn]

Ah yes. Here we are for another short of the show where the hot girl likes the big fat guy who likes marshmallows. However, episode 2, we still don’t really know WHY she likes him. All we know so far is that she just kind of does. And just like the title suggests, this time she’s flirting with him in the rain. Let’s see how that goes shall we?

The episode starts up with it raining all of a sudden while the two try to head to work. The girl has an umbrella but hides it as she approaches the guy so she can use it as an excuse to talk to him. She gets herself wet so that her bra shows through her clothes, but he COMPLETELY ignores it.

I know you can't hear it, but i'm playing the  "Wah wah" sound effect

I know you can’t hear it, but i’m playing the “Wah wah” sound effect

Knowing his weakness, she takes out a bag of marshmallows and that gets his attention. She then tries to use this to get him to look at her, but of course, he’s just looking at the marshmallows.

Lady, are you sure THIS is your prince Charming? THIS is the guy you're waiting for?

Lady, are you sure THIS is your prince Charming? THIS is the guy you’re waiting for?

They decide to call work to tell them they’re going to be late because of the rain, however, she starts saying really weird things so that person at work gets the wrong idea.



Realizing she’s getting absolutely nowhere she takes out her umbrella and offers it to him, and he thinks that she forgot she had one and is a bit absent minded. And that’s where the episode ends.

Oh yeah. and there’s a 30 second segment on how to make “Marshmallows on toast” Because lord knows that’s a difficult recipe.

well thank goodness these guys were here to inform me.

well thank goodness these guys were here to inform me.

Once again…this is an odd duo. I’m not sure i’m feeling any LOVE coming from these two, it’s feeling more….stalkerish. And it’s kind of weird. He obviously has NO idea how she feels because he’s a dumbass, and she just won’t tell him because…..honestly i’m not sure why. This series would be over if she were like “Hey, stupid guy. You’re not getting the hints. I am in love with you.” See? Problem solved. Instead she’s doing this…weird… thing where she’s leaving not so subtle…yet creepy hints.



It works because it’s a comedy, but there is NO chemistry here. Like…at all. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were running this as a PARODY of this sort of idea for a show. This series has one of those ideas that would NEVER work as a full length episode. It doesn’t have nearly the content to hold 20 minutes. 3 minutes of this once a week is just enough to work. That being said, this episode wasn’t bad. It was cute for the short amount of time it had going for it. It didn’t overstay its welcome and was short and sweet.

Episode 6/10

Like I said, this girl is not my type. She is just a TAD too creepy for my taste. also the guy’s an idiot.

Oh, and a side note. Just thought you’d like to know. Fat guy? He’s voiced by the guy who does Ira from Kill la kill. You know, the big muscular three star guy. And The girl who plays the creepy girl is no stranger to my reviews. She’s actually the voice of Leopard from Yoru No Yatterman. I know, weird right? I knew I recognized this girl’s voice before I just wasn’t sure where. Ah well enough rambling. Hopefully next week will be less creepy…but you know…probably not.


hmm..although somehow I doubt it


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  1. Oh shoot that’s gamagori that’s awesome I really like this show yeah she’s a little weird but I want to see them together

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