Ojisan To Marshmallow Episode 3 [Weird…Train..Stuff…]

Well…it’s been a whole week since we saw an episode about the creepy stalker girl liking the fat guy, so why not have another one? That being said, let’s just jump right into our short 3 minute excursion into madness.

The episode starts out with the fat guy in a train with the creepy girl as they head off to work together. She’s eating some marshmallows (seriously, I understand that the show has the word “Marshmallows” in it and that he really likes them but…really…marshmallows are NOT THAT GOOD.) She asks if he would like one and he says yes, however they quickly notice that people are staring at them as they’re talking and eating in the quiet car.


and yes, before you ask, people in Japan actually DO give a shit if they’re bothering other people on a train. (that’s right, i’m talking to you person talking loudly on your cell phone one seat ahead of me)

They leave to go to the next car but they trip and they end up in that..weird..pose.

Is...this supposed to be cute? Because...it's kind of weird...
Is…this supposed to be cute? Because…it’s kind of weird…

She offers him the marshmallow and then comments on how intense the situation is. I know it’s fucking weird. Just deal with it. We’re almost done.

Once she gets home she realized that she really liked it and her brother finds her holding her blanket against to the wall in an attempt to mimic what happened earlier.

This...isn't normal
This…isn’t normal

And that’s where the episode ends.

See. Here’s the weird thing. If we switched this around and had a guy doing this…it would be really really creepy. I think the only reason why this show is considered a “comedy” or “charming” is because it’s a woman doing this and not a man. Which…is weird? Also maybe it’s comedy because the guy is fat? I know that sounds weird, but I really really don’t think this show could go for its endearing charm if the roles were reversed. I really don’t understand what this show is trying to accomplish.

The one thing I can think of is MAYBE this is trying to be a parody on the whole romance genre? I’m just so confused what it’s trying to convey here. Either it’s playing this straight like it’s supposed to be cute which…it really really isn’t or it’s actually a very clever parody. Honestly though…I’m just not sure which one it is.

I really can't tell if this is meant to be played straight or not
I really can’t tell if this is meant to be played straight or not

Either way, since it’s so short and it’s only 3 minutes long, i’m intrigued enough to keep watching. I’m going to be honest here. If this were a full length episode series i’m not sure I could make it, but 3 minutes is definitely short enough to make the creepy not be that bad.

One of the things I want to know though is WHY she loves this guy so much. They haven’t told us yet, but if I were to GUESS i’d assume that it had to do with her being shy and him being nice to her or something like that. Because that’s the way these things usually go.

Either way, the episode was….there? I mean, it’s not going to win any awards with me, but..it was…okay? One character is inept, and the other character is kind of stalkerish…I have this feeling that if he ever DID like another girl she might go all Mirai Nikki on her. I don’t know I just get this…vibe off of her. And not really a…good one.

Episode 5/10


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