Sekkou Boys Episodes 3&4: [Medici’s Acting Experience and Giorgio’s Self-Esteem Issues]

The Dazzling brat and the Creepy dragon killer


Episode 3: Giuliano de Medici, Duke of Nemours

I like Medici

He’s a spoiled brat and I love that type of character 

Don’t ask me why, I can’t give you a proper answer

So, the director of the Agency announces Ishimoto that a role in a drama called” Buddy”  is available for one of the rockies. “Buddy” is a really popular drama of 20 seasons ( that’s awfully long if you ask me) so that would be a great opportunity for the rockies. However, the role is a solo, so Ishimoto will have to cheer up the other three since it’s Medici that has been chosen for the role. Medici is a spoiled brat. He’s annoying during photo shoots, thinks he’s better than everyone else and isn’t really surprised when he learns that he has the role in the drama. He’s like ” I knew it, I so fabulous”.

But he is

he truly is fabulous.

The other ones are pretty jealous. Mars thinks he could have played a nice “De Niro style buddy” … I didn’t even know that was a thing but… Okay Mars, whatever you want. He also calls Medici a flippant jerk. He’s not flippant, Medici is cute, DO NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT MY MEDICI !

Yeah sure…

Ishimoto has a talk in the car with St Girogio about Medici’s behavior. He explains that they are all a bit jealous of Medici but they forgive him his selfish behavior somehow. Giorgio makes her cry with his powerful phrases but breaks all the mood by asking Mira’s -chan number another time. They really are on fire aren’t hey ?

The other rockies discover Medici’s script and learn that he’s actually playing the murder weapon. Giorgio asks the rest of the crew to not make fun of Medici, assuming that he would be pretty pissed by his role. Even more since he bragged about him getting the role and not the others. So they all try to comfort him but he’s actually fine with his role. He is even proud of his performance as the murder weapon. He thinks that he truly expressed a complex panel of emotions and that he might be the next one stealing Leonardo Di caprio’s Oscar.

That’s why I like Medici, he’s always happy, cheerful.

And also he’s FABULOUS 

But they are all fabulous. 

Episode 4: St. Giorgius, Disposer of Dragons

This episode is about St Giorgio, the dragon slayer and leader of the rockies

Let’s go Giorgio !

Thanks to Mira-chan, the rockies are able to perform in a multimedia store. Mira’s fans are here to see if they are worth of her praise. Everything is fine until Giorgio starts making awful jokes. Because of his jokes, the event turned to be a “disasster” to quote him. The next day Ishimoto checks the feedback on internet. As expected, everyone finds Girogio annoying and creepy because of his eyes and jokes. I agree that his jokes were awful and made me cringe but what’s up with his eyes? Is it because he’s the  the only one who has pupils ?

At his home, Giorgio checks internet too by typing his name in the search bar. The first results are:  Giorgio is cringeworhty, Giorgio has creepy eyes, Girogio’s puns, Girogio kills dragons and my favorite one: Giorgio is a virgin. Like this has something to do with his jokes. Jeez, people on internet nowadays..


So, everybody thinks he has creepy eyes and is scared of him, even though he wants to help people. He makes a baby cry, an old lady run and he gets barked at by some random dogs. Because of all that he gets depressed, starts to drink and to grow a 3 days beard… However, a few days later, Ishimoto is surprised that Girogio suddenly became popular and famous. Indeed, he has now a fan club and fan girls that find him creepy-cute… Is that really a thing ? I can understand the “awkward-cute” or “brains is the new sexy” but creepy-cute goes beyond my comprehension….

Giorgio became popular thanks to a commercial selling medicine against stomach pain.  Apparently, he knows how to express the stomach pain with his eyes….

I … pffffffffffffffff


It’s ridiculous

I love this show

Now, Giorgio’s awful expressions are popular and viral. “To be Giorgio-ing”, “disasster”, “to drag on” … I can’t even. The “disasster” joke reminds me of my “Ass-ociation” one, so I can’t say it’s not funny because, it is, it truly is. At least for me. Does it mean that I have the same type of humor as Giorgio ? How lord…

 I’ll admit it took me a long time to spot the “dragon ” joke. When I realized I was like ” aaaah to drag on, like dragon, because he kills dragons ahahaahahaha… “

That was awkward, sorry

Guess I truly am like Giorgio
I don’t care. He’s nice, carrying, a good leader and his jokes are so cringy that I like them. 

Everybody should want to be like him


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