Active Raid Episode 6 [ Morgan and Drew ]

This episode is primarily focused around two of the largest robots ever made: Drew and Morgan. Drew and Morgan are the center of a nostalgic view Japan had before the Willwears changed how robotics were viewed: therefore making them an ideal more commonly associated with mecha and something many people idealized. Then of course they legitimately lampshade that this was from anime, so here you go! This episode directly talks about the anime lifestyle, ideal, and how the show kind of plays into that mentality but also evolves.

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I like the way this episode progresses because it seems to delve directly into an almost figurative commentary on the way things fade into time. The first half of the episode delves into the senility of the creator of Drew and Morgan and the importance of Drew and Morgan on some of the characters. Young people just don’t understand and the people it matters to, well, it matters to. I think this episode manages to be meaningful because it kind of makes you feel more for characters once you relate it to your own nostalgia, your own pain, and the things you do miss that motivate you in your life.

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This episode is also pretty funny in context, given a lot of it involves destroying parts of Akihabara with giant mecha! Hah, there was so much to actually enjoy about it because of that. Sometimes the campy ridiculous nature of the show makes me role my eyes, or is dull, but it’s funny when they stick with a theme and then go with it the whole episode. Is it attacking otaku culture or appreciating it? There is a dilemma, but I think the episode leans heavily in favor of nostalgia and what it means to people.

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The conclusion of the episode is nice because it involves the original team of creators on the mecha banding together to repair Morgan to fight a Drew that is being used for evil, which Funasaka pilots, and an epic battle ensues. A lot actually managed to happen in the entire episode and if you like a shout out to nostalgia and trying to keep something from the past, this is definitely a good episode for you.

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Then, the ending is super sad and made me cry stupid tears. Screw you anime! This is too sad in the face for me! Don’t make me the sad! This is a very good episode, and I recommend it. Then again, isn’t this two episodes in a row with a lot of time on Funasaka? Ah well, no problem here, as long as they have good elements in them.

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