Ajin Episodes 4 & 5: Teaching A Lesson


The subs for this show never come out on one certain day so I always have to keep my eyes peeled. I didn’t know there would be two episodes at once. Or the people subbing were behind. I don’t know. But I think I prefer to watch the episodes back to back. Makes it more exciting.

In episode 4, we start where episode 3 left off. Being pretty obvious, Shimomura wakes up as she’s an Ajin, and she releases her own black ghost to fight against Tanaka’s. This fight was actually the first for both of them but they were both able to find out that the weak spot is the head and the black ghosts get weaker and go into a “cancellation” when they take blows. So that’s how Shimomura was able to win, unfortunately she wasn’t able to protect Eriko as she was kidnapped.

ajinep4.1I was afraid for Eriko but thank goodness she wasn’t killed. When Satou said her role was over I really did think they were going to kill her off. Satou and Tanaka only kidnapped her to tell her they were going to protect Kei and they needed some info from her. We learn Satou is part of some sort of Ajin Protection group thing and he promises that he’s going to protect Kei, but he just needs to know his whereabouts. Eriko knowing who his accomplice is, she tells them and asks for them to protect Kai too. We saw here that she never had much of a good view of her brother as we saw his response to his mother telling him not to play with Kai anymore when they were kids. I do admit that it was weird for him to say that he only hung out with him because it was sad to see him alone, because now he seems to really care for Kai. Regret?

After this talk with Eriko, Satou actually sends her back to the hospital, as we learn later when he speaks with Kei. Satou used Eriko’s phone to call Kai’s phone. Kei had it in his hand because he had already planned to escape somewhere without Kai, hoping to keep his life out of harm’s way. Kei comes to the conclusion that there has to be way more Ajin that hasn’t been discovered and he wants to meet up or at least talk with any of them. And he gets what he wants when he answers the phone and goes to the location Satou sent him. Taking the phone and Kai’s motorcycle, he leaves without telling Kai anything while he sleeps.

ajinep4.2I wasn’t sure last time but I got my answer now, that Satou is an Ajin. He proves it immediately by having Tanaka stab him in the heart, coming back to life in a few seconds. He apologizes for taking Eriko from the hospital and he lets Kei ask him the questions he wanted to ask, such as how he lives his daily life and such. When he was about to ask about the black ghost, he was struck with a numbing dart and then fainted. The dart actually came from Tanaka, shooting him on purpose. I knew I couldn’t trust these guys completely!

They shot Kei with a dart and left him to be captured (now episode 5). Their real plan is getting Kei on their side to get revenge on humans, but Satou knew he couldn’t just make Kei obey them as he would just hate them and not cooperate. So to get what they want, they took another route. Make Kei go through the torture humans bring unto Ajin and make him grow to despise humans. And let me tell you it was hard to watch. I’m just glad it wasn’t graphic. Of course to better understand Ajin they need to conduct experiments, which involved making Kei go into torturous pain as they sawed, drilled, and did other things to him. The plan was to make him hate humans, to teach him a lesson, but it went the opposite direction.


Oh this poor boy. All he could think of was Kai through all the pain. Thinking that he needed to be fair and put his life on the line like Kai did for him, and so even through all the awful experiments he was put through it didn’t faze him. And it pisses me off that Satou and Tanaka willingly put him through this, even though Satou rescued him. But the plan failed, because Kei is nothing like Tanaka.

Other interesting things in the 5th episode was a renowned professor paying a visit to the lab. We learn from him the black ghosts are made of matter, IBM, or invisible black matter. Humans are not able to see them, which we already knew. I still don’t really know what to call these things, black ghosts or IBM? I don’t know. Also, Tosaki has this personal vendetta against the Ajin, something about them messing with his life. I’m sure he’s only using Shimomura to further rid of these things and benefit him, and Shimomura is going along with this because he’s keeping her identity a secret because she definitely would be like Kei and be experimented on. Tosaki is a lot more cruel than he looks.

The preview for the next episode looks exciting, I don’t know what else Satou is going to do to get Kei on his side.

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