Haikyuu 2!! Episode 18: The Losers


With Daichi out of the match, Karasuno needs to hustle up and work harder as their defense is way down. They took the first set, but problems arose in the second set which they lost to the other team.

Ennoshita is trying hard but he keeps missing receives or hitting the ball out of boundaries. But after seeing Hinata pull off the coolest save, he musters up some courage and pulls the team over to try out a different strategy. And then Ennoshita pulled off a cool save!

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A lot of tense moments this episodes, a lot of good surprises. Hinata was able to do the rebound that Bokuto taught him at the summer training camp. Moving on into the third set, things got even more tense as the scores stayed consistent. Hinata felt strong rivalry to Takeru because his playing style is the most similar to the Little Giant so he gave it his all even though there were a few mess ups. As well as with Asahi and the others. Luckily at this point Ennoshita was finally able to hit the ball inside the boundary, but as we see later he is not happy that he was able to only in the last second. I can understand his frustration with himself, even though everyone complimented him. After a very close match, Karasuno wins just by a small margin.

We see Daichi and the team is super happy to see that he’s doing well, well enough that he’ll probably be able to play in their next match. The team is elated and they rush off to watch the match of their next opponents. Ennoshita is in the bathroom, angry at himself. Yamaguchi leaves, not looking too happy with himself either. Last week wasn’t my episode to cover, but man oh man let me tell you it broke my heart when Yamaguchi got yelled at by Coach Ukai for playing it safe. Oh Yamaguchi ;-;

Of course tears are also shed for Takeru’s team. Remember when I said it’s hard to hate the opposing teams? Because you really can’t. Takeru’s a sweet guy, his family was there crying too, he’s crying, the team’s crying…I like this guy. I like the other teams. They’re all good people, and I honestly can’t hate or at least dislike any of them. Kuroko no Basket? Akashi and the rest of the Generation of Miracles were unlikeable the first time we met them. And remember that Makoto guy? Oooh I hated him. Yowamushi Pedal? Midousuji, aka Lizard Freak. And that other guy in green. I hated the hell out of those two, mostly Midousuji is gross. But Haikyuu? I used to dislike Oikawa but really he’s not such a bad guy either. The guys in the other schools aren’t bad either.

So next week we’ll watch the match that’ll determine Karasuno’s next opponent, Seijoh or the team with the best team chant in Japan, Date Tech? I think we all know who’s going to win this so I’m very sad, but it should be fun to watch anyway. Our team of crows need a break.

[HorribleSubs] Haikyuu!! S2 - 18 [1080p].mkv0088

*sniffles* G-Go go let’s go let’s go Dateko! ;-;


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