Let’s go to the beach -itch, let’s go get away -ay


Beach day for everyone

The guys initially wanted to go on their own but because Yukurin heard Tsuyopon talking about their beach trip, she came to the beach the same day on purpose. She also brought Mari and Anna with her which almost made Nacchan drown of surprise. Since we are in a shoujo manga anime adaptation we all know what’s involved when we talk about Beach day: Strengthening relationships! And those who answered “losing the top of the swimsuit in the sea” can go back watching their weird random shoujo anime. We ain’t going down this path here.

So, what was I talking about… Ah! Yes, Strengthening relationships. Especially for Anna and Natsuki. Everyone seems to have noticed that Natsuki is quite into Anna, not that it’s obvious or anything… so they all try to give them more space. Tsuyopon goes with his girlfriend; Mattsun kidnaps Mari and Keiichi goes to get some water. Although Keiichi does come back before the others, he notices that Anna and Natuski are talking alone so yeah, good guy Keiichi leaves them alone.


So for the Anna x Natsuki ship: that was cute, really. Natsuki was blushing all the time unable to  bear the sight of Anna in her swimsuit. He even asks her to cover herself.




Well, Anna does cover herself with her towel but doesn’t really understand why Natsuki can look at other people in swimsuits but not at her. And I’m like: Weeeelll ok, I get it, this is a shoujo thing. If the characters were clever enough to understand the signs there will be no story. So no complains on this side, I’m quite used to it. Natsuki tries to explain himself saying that she’s special to him but gets hit by a ball before finishing his sentence. Too bad Natuski, I told ya, for the sake of the story, you shouldn’t reveal your feelings to soon.


Nothing much between Tuyopon and Yukirin, they spy on Anna and Natuski, making comments. Oh, yeah and they kissed each other, hiding themselves behind fans. This ship has sailed a long time ago but still, they ‘re cute. Although I still don’t quite understand Tsuyopon’s  way of thinking, he seems really cold to me but eeeeh…. That’s just me.


Now my favorite ship ever: Mari and Mattsun. Yeah, favorite was ironic. I remember saying that I used to dislike Mary but now my feelings are heading towards hatred. In the manga I was like “yeah ok she’s a pain in the ass”. Now, every time she’s talking with her annoying voice I can’t… She’s shouting all the time which is quite annoying too.

Enough of me complaining about her, let’s go back to business. Mattsun and his horrible taste in women almost kidnap Mari, using the idea of leaving some space to Anna and Natsuki as a pretext to talk  to Mari.  He asks her if “there is room for him”. Like, “u know, guys are cool too”. She doesn’t really understand what he’s talking about and thinks he’s making fun of her so she punches him, after biting him before. God. Do guys really like violent women? I-I I don’t know… So yeah, this ship is still in the Harbor but captain Mattsun on board is doing his best to make it sail. Although I do not wish for them to be together, in my opinion Mari should stay alone and Mattsun should fine a nicer girl, I have to say, Mattsun is quite persistent. I’ll give him that


Finally, my actual favorite ship: Keiichi X Pink hair girl. I’m not going to reveal her name since that would be a kind of spoiler but she’s cool. I like her. When Keiichi meets her, she’s sitting on the ground unable to move cuz she stepped on broken glass. He helps her by pouring water on her foot even if it hurts. For a short moment we could see that Keiichi was actually enjoying hearing her saying that it was hurting.

U filthy bishounen

But, because aside from his sadistic tendencies, Keiichi is a nice guy, he gives her a piggyback ride. She’s amazed by such kindness and beauty so she asks his name. He’s like ” My name is Keiichi *prince smile*”. Of course, because Keiichi is awesome she blushes and repeats his name while his leaving. FUFUFUFFU I’ve been waiting for this moment …Well, best parts are to come but still , those too are cute. I won’t say pure because they aren’t, but cute… for the moment at least.

The actual face I was making during the episode

Overall the episode was nice, there was a bit of relationship development for every ship and the introduction of a new character who’s my favorite gurl. Ships are starting to sail… I’m telling ya. It feels good.

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  1. Nikolita

    LOL I love the rage comic face you used. That’s totally me when I’m watching Akagami no Shirayukihime. XD

    I can’t stand Mari either. I think Mattsun can do way better.

    Can’t wait to find out who the new girl is. 😉

    1. Charibo

      I make a lot of different weird faces while watching some episodes but this time, this is the one that seemed more accurate. Like ” fufuffufu I like where everything is going.” A bit embarrassed too XD
      I’ve been reading your reviews for Akagami no Shirayukihime but since I’ve dropped the show during season 1, I don’t understand anything. Prince Raj is hot though. That’s the only thing I can say aha

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