Ojisan To Marshmallow Episode 8 [Just Desserts]

For the first time in….well i’m not sure if there’s EVER been a time when this didn’t happen, I don’t feel like punching a baby after watching an episode of this series. I know, weird right? It’s amazing how a series that only 3 minutes per episode can induce such pissiness from me. But, for once, I don’t feel that with an episode. Why is that? Well let me just jump into the recap.

So the fat guy is really upset because the company that makes his favorite marshmallows decided to stop making marshmallows.

That's the way I felt when they stopped making Ecto-Cooler
That’s the way I felt when they stopped making Ecto-Cooler

Seeing this man’s suffering as a chance to get him in the sack, the female creeper tells the guy that he should come to her house and she’ll give him all the bags of the marshmallows she had bought ahead of time. He accepts because he doesn’t realize her ulterior motive and goes back to work.

Later she tells her brother to go to the arcade to win her a prize to give her some privacy. He agrees and leaves. When he returns, he catches up with the fat guy who arrived at her place early. (she set up a specific time because she was in the process of making an elaborate dinner for him.

Sucks to be you creepy stalker chick
Sucks to be you creepy stalker chick

She offhandedly mentions to the brother that all the marshmallows are for the fat guy, so he gives them to him without her knowing.

The fat guy feels kind of bad for not saying thank you in person, so he gives him her phone number to text her later.

She finds out that he inadvertently screwed up her dinner plans with the fat guy and nearly beats him, but he saves himself by telling her that he now has her phone number.

Sorry to break it to you, but Yanderes aren't funny. Like... at all
Sorry to break it to you, but Yanderes aren’t funny. Like… at all

The fat guy heads to the marshmallow factory to ask why they stopped making it, and they tell him that they just stopped that one type, because they’re making a new kind that will be even better.

…and he cries about it.

ok. we get it. fat people like food.
ok. we get it. fat people like food.

And that’s where the short ends.

Like I said, this is one of the few episodes I can stand because even though creepy girl is just as creepy, her plans are completely foiled and that makes me happy. That’s bad writing 101 when the protagonist fails and you’re HAPPY about it. That’s just a sign that you don’t know what you’re doing.

This is one of those shows that I don’t really LIKE any of the characters, but I hate certain ones less. I know that’s a weird way to put it, but it’s basically true. I don’t really like anyone here. I just tolerate some more.

When the girl doesn’t get what she wants and is foiled, I enjoy it more because I don’t like creepy stalkers getting rewarded. I don’t know. That’s just me.

Like I'm sorry. You shouldn't be rewarding this.
Like I’m sorry. You shouldn’t be rewarding this.

I don’t know what message this writer was trying to accomplish, but hey. I WILL say this. If the author did this as a self aware parody about the state of girls being in love with a guy for no reason in anime then it’s pretty hilarious. But if he’s playing it straight? It’s fucking terrible. Ugh. While i’m typing this I have to look at her horrible fucking face from the picture above.

Anyway, as I said, this episode wasn’t…bad. But comparatively, that’s not saying much. Girl’s still creepy as fuck, guy’s still a fat idiot and the world in this series doesn’t move. I know. Shocker right?

Episode 5.5/10


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