“I am a ghoul.”

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I don’t think anyone had any doubt that this parallel would be here. It was unclear as to what form it would take (whether it’d be Kaneki proclaiming something or otherwise) but it turned out to be Eto outing herself to human society. It’s interesting that, as a ghoul, she revealed she was Takatsuki to Aogiri – and now, as Takatsuki, she’s revealing that she’s a ghoul. I have no idea what she’s playing at here, but I’m sure it’s not just a publicity stunt for her latest and final book. If that wasn’t a death flag, I don’t know what is. And speaking of death and books, poor Hinami has had her execution date decided – and if you remember from way back at the start of the story, Takatsuki’s book ‘The Hanged Man’s McGuffin’ was all about prisoners on death row living within an enclosed facility. Ishida strikes again.

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Kaneki’s also been duped, it seems. I would have liked to have seen more of their little ‘date’ (I don’t really ship them, not least of all because Eto’s probably going to die, but I can’t deny that it really did look like a date) but Eto must have planned the entire thing out – including asking Kaneki to accompany her up on stage. This is the first time we’ve seen the current Kaneki with this expression on – he really, really didn’t expect her to say that. It’s his ‘oh shit’ face. What is she going to say next? That the man next to her is the One-Eyed King? Is she even going to be allowed to say anything next? Why did the CCG even let Kaneki and Eto out by themselves? Takatsuki is very high-profile in human society, they definitely must know something about it all. Is it some sort of bigger plan involving V? Every single faction was somehow watching the broadcast (and so they’ve all seen Kaneki) on TV, and this is going to throw some doubts into people’s perceptions of exactly what a ghoul is and their place in society.


Also, for a secret Illuminati organization V has a rather flashy set of headquarters. It’s behind a massive door with a huge winged emblem on it (I know this means something, but I can’t recall what – it’s not CCG’s dove is it?) and the entire floor has a massive V drawn on it. It’s like some sort of catwalk stage. It was only a single double-page spread, but we learnt a lot – that Furuta is from the Sunlit Garden, that everyone knows Kaneki is Kaneki again and that Kaiko is the superior of both Furuta and Arima. Which is pretty amazing, if we assume that power levels play a factor in determining hierarchy. As a Rize sympathizer I’m not happy that Arima will be sent after her, but it’s pretty funny that V thinks that Kuzen is dead. What happened to Kaiko telling him he couldn’t escape? In fact, what even is Kaiko? Why is he still alive and apparently still the same age?


Assuming they have just as many feelers out in the various factions as the Clowns do, you’d have thought that whoever they have stationed in Aogiri would have realized that something was up with the huge numbers of Owls being produced. Watch how Takizawa and Shikorae don’t actually eat Hachikawa and we see an H-Owl coming back to torment the CCG in the future.

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Finally, I already knew this, but Ishida really is a bastard. He seems to have this fetish for killing off cute girls, and that doesn’t sit well with me. With Hairu, it felt like he created her for the sole purpose of killing her off. Even Minami from Jack wasn’t spared. Hinami’s about to die. Irimi died. Eto’s going to die. Rize might die now that Arima’s after her. Touka is for all intents and purposes as good as dead given how irrelevant she’s been throughout the whole of :re. Now he brought back Hachikawa (not a cute girl though) and Ayumu for no good reason other than to discard them and set up a meeting between Torso and Mutsuki. I presume Ayumu is dead, or at the very least close to drowning. You know, he could have killed her perfectly well without showing her face. He could have. Then I wouldn’t have known any better. I’d have been mildly disappointed but that’s it. But instead, he has Torso pull up her mop hair and reveal a super adorable face that did nothing wrong before slamming her head against a rock wall and throwing her into the ocean.

Thanks, Ishida.

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  1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

    This has gone on for too long! Many series that are currently running keep leaving me speechless in their own way! This is no exception! So… I’m just speaking up to say I appreciate your continued coverage, Vantage.

    1. Vantage

      If that was a subtle jab at my uh… timeliness (or lack thereof) rest assured that I’m painfully aware of it but have been unable to do much about it (I’ve heard Phantom World got good though). I only got round to watching Haruchika yesterday evening – so I can get that up tonight or so, but everything else will have to be left to Wednesday at the earliest. I’ll do them, I promise. I swear on Megumin’s good name!

      1. The Traveler (@IWHBYT)

        Oh, no! Buki- I mean, Vantage!

        I really didn’t mean it that way. I’m just being left speechless by all the goodness this season in many instances and when you do cover things there isn’t much you leave out or seem not to understand. Explaining things people don’t understand has been the bulk of my commenting in other places this season looks over at Dimension W. As such it leaves me a little sad to see no comments on posts at times. Anyway, I’ll wait patiently since half of the anticipation for these posts is seeing the thoughts you all have.

        One last thing, I know you adore Megumin, but… how can you say you swear by her name if you can’t even cover her show? (Just kidding, I know KonoSuba is an unexpected hit for many!)

        Concerning the things I would like to not so subtly poke you guys about… runs off to FAQ+Ask the Team!

        1. Vantage

          As flattered as I am, sadly I haven’t even tried out most of the goodness this season. I didn’t even get that reference in your first line, that’s how bad it’s become. I know stuff like Active Raid or Dimension W are both supposed to be good (I’ve heard the latter has an android loli) but I’ve sampled neither. I’ve only just managed to watch the PURIFICATION! PURIFICATION! PURIFICATION! episode last night, and Konosuba’s next episode is already going to air this evening. Time has been moving at a ridiculous speed lately. The world outside the cage is scary. I think mine’s already broken, since last season it’s been making sounds no cage should ever make.

          In all seriousness, it’s probably better that I watch Konosuba when I can and maybe do a Random Review at the end instead of picking it up and falling behind. Also yes, it was an unexpected hit for practically everyone. I’m still incredulous that it is currently occupying the top spot on the BD pre-order rankings this season. The top spot! And it’s by DEEN! If you told me DEEN would one day make the most profitable show of the season I wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing. It’s so trashy, and because it’s Studio DEEN that makes it even trashier, but on the other hand its sales are perfectly understandable. It’s transcended stupidity and become a work of art. And I think Rakugo is ranked second or third? DEEN has wiped the floor with Kyoani, A-1, Madhouse, I.G., P.A. Works? Is this real life?!

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