It’s that time of the week to sit back, relax, and watch a show that has no blood or guts, and no sexual innuendo that runs on for a million episodes. That’s right! It’s time for baby’s first shonen again! For those of you counting at home, we are at episode 67 and we have a total onscreen death of 1. (shifts eyes side to side and weakly throws up arms) whoo?

But we can safely say, that not only is the filler arc over, but we are finally FINALLY going to get back to the ranking war arc next episode. Oh, and by the way, in case you lost count, the last battle ended at EPISODE 47. That’s right. We have been stuck in filler hell for TWENTY EPISODES. There’s a reason I haven’t really care the past 5 months about this show. Still though, finally we’re getting back on track. So let’s jump into this episode and bring back the ranking war.

So the episode starts up with that badass guy who took out the C rank people at the end of last episode. Duckface tries to talk to him, but he’ll have none of it and walks away.

Bitch I don't got time for this. I gotta go file my teeth
Bitch I don’t got time for this. I gotta go file my teeth

It turns out this guy has a side effect as well, which let’s him feel people’s specific emotions they’re feeling towards him.

Wet Blanket decides to go to the next trainers to help him when he comes upon a strange A rank guy who tries to shoo him away as he doesn’t know him. know, shove him away. Same thing.
or…you know, shove him away. Same thing.

We learn that this guy is a member of an A rank team even though he’s pretty weak because his daddy donated a lot of money to BORDER so he got a free pass into the A rank (huh. kind of like how college works nowadays) one of the other members of the team then talks to Wet Blanket about strategies. He asks if they can train him in the art of composite bullets and they tell him that they will only if he can beat the weak guy 100 times.

Unfortunately…..wet Blanket kinda still sucks.

Seriously dude/ Come on wet blanket
Seriously dude? Come on wet blanket

I swear, in the next battle he BETTER kick ass. I’m getting kinda fed up with him sucking. We’re 67 episodes in. It’s all right for you to let him be good now. Really. It’s okay.

Oh, and the team also knows that Chika told the other team that she can’t shoot people. So there’s that. And the episode ends with the next round FINALLY beginning, The location ends up being the cityscape in the snow.

It's like Kanon! know...with fighting...and aliens...and triggers...okay the only similar thing is snow...shut up.
It’s like Kanon! only…you know…with fighting…and aliens…and triggers…okay the only similar thing is snow…shut up.

I knew from the beginning that this episode was just going to be a lead in. But you know what? i’m okay with that mainly because I know that the battle is FINALLY going to start. I have been waiting for this since episode 47. If you have read my reviews you know that I didn’t give a single shit about the filler arc and the only thing that kept me going with this show was knowing i’d be able to come back to the tournament.

There was a lot of stuff that I really felt was just for padding and unnecessary. Like the way they introduced that new team that the group would be fighting against.

LIke...I know who the guy in front is, but who the fuck are the other two?
LIke…I know who the guy in front is, but who the fuck are the other two?

It’s obvious who’s going to be important to the fight and who’s really just there to be fodder filler. Still, the only thing this episode did was bring up anticipation for the next episode.

Nothing really of value happened in this episode except for we learn that Wet Blanket is training. It’s like someone dangling a carrot in front of a horse going “Hey, hey. you want it?” in a desperate attempt to stretch this out for as long as possible so the manga artist can catch up.

Seriously, I am desperately scanning back and forth through the episode to see if there’s something interesting that I missed and i’m not seeing anything.

no, i don't consider back story of rich guy to be "interesting"
no, i don’t consider the back story of rich guy to be “interesting”

So all in all, here’s what you need to know for this episode. Wet Blanket is training and the next round is about to start. There you go. Saved you 20 minutes. This episode wasn’t BAD persay, it just…well it didn’t DO anything. It was kind of just there. So..yeah. Middle of the road score.

Episode 5.5/10 (would have been higher with some Konami)


Don’t you dare disappoint me and make Wet Blanket suck again show. Seriously.


Duckface Count: 9


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