Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 94: The True King

Σ(・口・) FAST! The one day I didn’t check in the morning, it comes out early!

All hail the true King, Jack Atlas!!!!!! Oh my gosh, he was so cool and so amazing in this fight. 90% of my notes were simply gushing how amazing he was.

YGO ARC V Ep 94 Img 0010Jack showed us what makes him the city’s Hope, for both the Tops and the Commons. His strength in his unwavering resolve, always keeping his eyes peeled for the slightly glimpse of light and his courtesy of a true and fair duel. The one time he snagged an action card, was to solely force Sergey to get rid of his own Action Card, and skipped the rest. Like Gongenzaka, Jack would rather stick to the original ways of dueling. But most importantly, the way Jack had performed today was a very important lesson for Yuuya. Jack never brought harm to his opponent, he wanted to bring out the best of their abilities to put on the best fight possible, regardless of the underhand tactics by his opponent.

The riots came to a stop when they saw Jack, their shining Hope be the Hope they always saw him as. In other words, Yuuya must learn how to become Hope for others. His entertainment style, and his parent’s smile card are what he needs to utilize in order to become that. Yuzu already understands this. She lectured Jean about how brute force is never the answer. Smiles are the ideal reality because it is what brings people together, connect their souls- so she says. This also the reason why she is constantly reminding Yuuya to be true to himself, and not be dragged into the chaos of anger and despair. Now, more than ever, it would be a very valuable experience for Yuuya to have his rematch against Jack. (I still haven’t forgotten how Reira wants to go up against him too, I would love to see that!)

YGO ARC V Ep 94 Img 0014Next week, since Sergey has been defeated and is probably dead at this point since he refused to be saved, (he wanted to have a ‘beautiful death’), Jean is now declaring the Martial Law in order to seize power. But Yuzu, our badass queen, is not going to simply stand there after hearing his master plan and witnessed his meltdown. I look forward to her doing her thing. Since Sora and Tsukikage were already on their way, regardless if Jean tries to brainwash her or install that mind-control device, she will probably be okay. The only real concern is the minute she makes the broadcast, she will reveal her location, which would give Yuuri the tip he needs, if he happens to still around (most likely so).

Other than that, this episode was super fun to watch. I was laughing hysterically over all the screaming (including the MC’s “JACKKKKK”), and it was especially satisfying to watch Jean’s glorious meltdown. It was the one thing we were all waiting to see.


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0 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 94: The True King

  1. While I did enjoy this duel I gotta give props to Jean’s voice actor for his entire meltdown, hope the guys voice is okay. Nice to see Yuzu standing strong while being captured and literally made speech of why Jean’s plan sucks and won’t work.
    Lastly, I might be going too deep into this but I guessing Sergey’s deal was he enjoy plan because it makes him feel something despite being a cyborg and earlier it hinted his enjoyment of being human through plan. I also guess he didn’t want to be saved in the end was to feel soemthing than go back to converting into a painless cyborg.

        And a teeny-weeny little bit: [spoiler]EDO PHOENIX is also set to return in the upcoming season of Arc V (along with Kaito & Asuka)! More D-Heroes & V-Heroes plz!![/spoiler]

  2. GODDAMNIT this episode blew away my mind!! Seeing Roger’s pissed off reactions were so priceless I laughed so hard seeing him got shoved by Jack’s middle finger XD I really love Arc V Jack more than the original one now, he’s actually acting “noble” for bailing out an out-of-control SerGay twice (the second time was rejected though) and his gameplay of a blend of power + strategy was definitely my favourite, that way he deserved genuine recognition as the rightful King! Look at the audience, both Tops & Commons were totally at awe with Jack’s duel and THE MAN even shedding tears of joy, Yuya should really learn from him upon seeing how he can “move” the whole society with his “entertainment”! (RIP SerGay Volkov but you won’t be missed for nearly killing Yuzu)
    Oh and that Engrave Soul Light spell, freakin’ God that card has really huge OTK capability, turning all opponent’s monsters’ ATK higher than Scarlight equal to its own, then use Scarlight’s effect to nuke them out and gain their original ATK then proceed to direct attack, Konami plz publish this card!!
    AND of course Roger will resort to his last gamble to take over the Synchro Dimension (“martial law” my ass), but all major characters (bar Yugo & Serena) will also have their joined hurrah to oppose him (and move on to Heartland plz)!! The countdown of Yuya (not Yugo) vs Jack officially starts now!!

    1. IT WAS SO EPIC, also the animation was SOOOO GORGEOUS. I absolutely loved how they have continued with that soft brush touch. It really improves the quality, and I hope to see more of it.
      I forgot to mention that the ARC-V Jack we are seeing is exactly what I had hoped and expected him to be like/to grow into post-Dark Signer Arc in 5DS. That’s one of the reasons why I love him in this AU so much. This is one of the few things making up for the painful 3/4 of the Synchro Realm season.

  3. Budget, it’s good to see you back. Your return is glorious. Sergey makes some amazing meme-worthy faces, Jean has an epic breakdown (legit one of the best moments in Synchro), and JACK ATLAS shows us why he’s the KING. He’s been setup for so long to be someone great, and he did pretty much steal the show this time. Props to Yuzu too for talking down Jean like that. Even in that situation, she’s still strong.
    But Jack though. He has what it takes to give entertainment to anyone and everyone, without betraying his ideals. He is pretty much the symbol of what we see as impossible so far – the symbol of hope for both Commons and Tops, and he can actually prove it with his sheer charisma. Yuya has a looooooooot to learn from him when they inevitably duel. But first they need to hammer the decisive blow to Jean’s nose first.
    Also, I find Melissa’s final chant of “HE’S MINE! OURS! THE CITY’S ONLY TRUE KING, JACK ATLAS!” starts off with declaring Jack is hers. Guess she really is one of his fangirls too, heh.

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