Active Raid Episode 10 [ Well. That’s pretty evil. ]

When I started watching Active Raid I had always kind of hoped it would eventually veer into the more serious lane and present itself with more dignity. While last weeks episode left a fishy taste in my mouth, hahaha, it definitely started to show that there were more serious repercussions for the things happening in the show. This episode the tone is completely shocking and completely steers in the direction of a serious show. Then again this is Active Raid, the episodes are winding down, and we’re about to reach a serious pivotal point in the show where everything explodes and relationships are tested and we can’t do this if people are having antics around potatoes. And fish. Fish and potatoes. I don’t know why 45 seconds of holographic fish anger me but sometimes you just have to have standards and holographic fish is just over that cusp!

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I really enjoyed this episode because it was serious. As funny as it sounds, Hinata being recurring and relevant actually pleases me and I really love her. I can’t exactly tell you why, but seeing Tomoki play into the villains leading role for this was kind of saddening while also interesting. I’m not saying my shipper heart is throwing Tomoki’s visage and Hinata together in a shipperoni, but I thought they were cute before the obviously dripping evil part came up. Though is anyone in this show really evil, or more ambiguous? Even Bird seems to finally reveal himself as an angsty past seeking child hoping to reunite with the sister he can’t possibly do so with.

sister? holographic sister? HOLOGRAPHIC FISH??
sister? holographic sister? HOLOGRAPHIC FISH??

I’m not going to ruin it all, but Bird actually shows just how legitimately serious he is when he basically finds a way to manipulate all the pieces in order to essentially rule the entire government. That’s his end game, absolute domination over the government system. . .and damn if he isn’t getting close. Now that we’re at 10 and we’re finally seeing the gravity of the plot. . .I might be willing to give Active Raid a pass in some of its flaws. Seeing a 3 episode ending and an actual arc gives me enjoyment for the show, and I’m actually feeling genuine concern that Bird might be able to do what he wants to do.

[HorribleSubs] Active Raid - 10 [720p].mkv_20160311_234058.171

I still can’t say it is my favorite show, but at the very least it seems like Active Raid is finally finding what anime it wants to be and how it’s going to get there.


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  1. The question now is whether the writers intend to wrap up the Logos storyline in the remaining episodes – because if they do that, it could indicate a new arc for the upcoming Season 2.

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