Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 13: A Tragic Backstory Doesn’t Excuse Bad Actions

And I can’t emphasize that enough.


I don’t care, show. You’re trying to make me make me feel bad for the principal but there’s no way in hell I will. This guy has done terrible things to his son and current students and has physically and mentally and emotionally abused them. So it’s ironic that he took to these actions after an old student of his turned to suicide.

Let me just quickly summarize the little challenge that was at hand. Koro-sensei actually memorized all the problems in the workbooks placed in front of him. Actually, he memorized ALL the workbooks in Japan, so he was easily able to solve the rest. The only reason why he freaked out with the math one was because he lent that certain workbook to one of the students for a long time and forgot about it. Amazing, what else can’t this weird yellow octopus do? ;>_>

The principal was actually a good man. Started off his teaching career by teaching three elementary school students at a small cram school, the cram school actually being where the E-Class currently is right now. He taught the kids to be the best they could be, and to be “good”. Just to basically be good human beings. His students got into their top choice schools and after that the principal got more students to teach as good word was passed around about him. One of his old students three years ago, Takeda, called to speak to him. The principal had business where Takeda lived and decided to drop by and visit, but is surprised when there is a funeral. Of his student. He had committed suicide because there had been people bullying him. And this moment the principal thought it was his fault that this happened because his education was faulty. He wanted his students to be strong, but he didn’t know how to go about that. And so he completely changed his way of teaching and instead went to force an brainwashing, and what we know now.

assclass3Okay so…I know I’m supposed to sympathize with him. And I do feel bad, but that 180 he took in his ways of teaching is ridiculous. Emotionally hurting the students isn’t going to help anything. Koro-sensei was saying that he was unconsciously still teaching his ideal education from before and all of that, but…I just didn’t care for it? Is it just me? I don’t know, I just didn’t care. That whole moment was a bit anticlimactic to me, so maybe that’s why. Also, I’ve been hating on this guy since the very beginning to this sob story probably was never going to do anything for me. Sure, he had a traumatic moment years ago, and it explain his past actions, but it doesn’t justify them. That’s why I can’t really feel anything for the guy. That’s just me, so this part of the episode didn’t do anything for me.

Also, the second half didn’t do anything for me either. It was literally the E-Class having to do a play and Koro-sensei wanted to play the lead, so he played some sort of magical peach. And Hazama was the one that was in charge of writing the play, so she made a heavy-plot play in purpose to piss off the rest of the school. I just thought that segment was out of place with this episode, so…yeah.

Not my favorite episode this week, I’ll admit. Like yeah I understand…but that won’t change how I feel about the principal. It explains why he is the way he is, but that’s it for me. Also, I just felt like the whole situation was blown out of proportion. And I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been traumatized by the suicide of one of his first students, but to completely change his personality and ways of teaching to…that. I just can’t care for it. I’m just not the type of person to like villains.


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