Well, I’m cornered, here. An episode about resting? That might be hard to review… 

But eh “Triumph without peril brings no glory”.

Let’s do this!


So the sucker crew has decided to take a day off since they were actually productive those past few days. Moguzo decided to cook and to fix his armor, Ranta went fishing, Yume climbing and Shihoru was at the bridge feeding pigeons. That’s when Haruhibro sees her, they talk a bit about the scenery and Shihoru thanks him for existing and everything. It’s crystal clear that this place and those pigeons reminds her of Manato but she deals with those memories with a nice smile so I guess she’s okay.

Haruhibro has no idea what to do so he goes into town and does random stuff while another insert song is playing. At some point he meets with Mary who was reading a book at a cafe deck. It’s actually the female lodging where she’s been staying since the beginning, they discuss stuff, like their old friends and what should they do next.

vlcsnap-2016-03-06-20h54m53s214Then, they meet with the rest of the crew at Shelly’s tavern. Fox guy is here too and tells them that apparently, some new goblins from another city, stronger than the previous ones, have arrived in Damuro and that some rookie party had trouble with them. So basically, our sucker crew can’t go there anymore.  Fox guy also takes the advantage of the opportunity to touch Haruhibro’s abs before leaving. I saw you creepy foxy, keep ur dirty hands out off Haruhibro’s 100% Arabica chocolate bars.

Moguzo evokes changing hunting grounds (finally). Haruhibro then, proposes to go to the Cyrene Mine. A place which is a bit more dangerous than Damuro but changing spots might help them to improve and to earn more money. Plus, since doing the same routine everyday might lead to boredom and careless mistakes, it’s better to try different places.


Problem is, the Cyrene Mine is the place where Mary lost her friends so when they all say ” yeah let’s go to the Mine” she doesn’t feel really well and leaves the Tarven. Haruhibro starts running after her to apologize. Yeah, I dunno if he knew about it, I don’t recall the guys telling them that Cyrene Mine was the place where shit happened for Mary. But at least he understands Mary’s reticence to go to the mine and admits that even them, did not have the balls to go near the place where Manato died. But Mary is strong, she wants to go with them to overcome her trauma and to move on. She thinks she’s going to be able to do it thanks to them because they called her, their friend. That’s the power of friendship right? Haruhibro is so moved by Mary the goddess that he cries of happiness.








They are so awesome

I love them both, just kiss already plz

Let the strongest ship sail far far away, away from danger.

vlcsnap-2016-03-06-20h59m41s21Haruhibro decides to learn the “spider” move, to be prepared for the mine cuz going there unprepared would be dumb. So he goes to see his guild master, Barbara big boobs, who is molesting him more than teaching him anything. While she’s bullying him, she asks him if he’s interested in any gurl in his party, he doesn’t give a proper answer but ya all know it’s Mary. Come on Haruhibro just admit it already. He asks her about that strange green light that he sees sometimes during fights. Apparently it’s a common thing that appears to people who have gained enough experience. However my bruh seems to see it more often than the commoners and even more often than Barbara big boobs, guild master.

Then, the episode ends with the sucker gang arriving at the entrance of the Mine, teaching us some background info about the mine but honestly, I can’t really remember what they said. So next week, they’re going to explore the mine, maybe we’ll get some action but I’ m just hoping that Mary’s going to be okay. Actually, that everyone is going to be okay… But I’m not so sure about that… Overall this episode was nice, I liked it. It was just a bit difficult for me to find things to discuss since nothing really happened. Everyone has finally learned how to deal with death, even if the scars remain they are finally succeeding in moving on.

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