Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 6 & 7

Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 6

I wasn’t expecting to feel emotional anytime soon for this series, but this episode managed to make me almost cry. Riko’s struggle and pressure to do well in front of her sister she looks up to really hit home, and I could connect with how well she wanted to perform, and felt miserable and understood how mortified it was for her to fail in front of Liz. Since Riko was a child, she idolized her sister’s ability as a Magician and dreamed to be as talented or to one day surpass her. But while her sister grew up to be an accomplished Magician, Riko fallen short of her own dreams by failing miserably when it comes to performing practical magic. It meant a lot to see Riko succeed on her own- even more so to accomplish an advance water magic, technique by turning her water pendant into ice. I was so proud of her, I again teared up (well to be far at this point, I was tearing up throughout the entire episode) and I want nothing but the best for her.
We also learned a bit more about the wands, of how each of their shapes changes depending on its user. Riko’s wand is considered special as it is a Star, and it turns out it was one of the reasons why Liz passed down the family heirloom (the pendant) straight down to Riko.

And finally, I was pleased to see Aquarmine be used as a solo power source to attack. All I knew they were going to be an extra piece of a sort, but I wasn’t sure if they too would need the duo in order to function.

That’s it, nothing else really happened this episode. I guess a double-post worked out for the better considering how short this episode’s portion turned out to be.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 7

We have yet another extremely simple episode, but it was cute and much to my surprise, the clams were the most entertaining part. This week they go for lessons at the Mermaid Village with a guest instructor, Professor Loretta. BUt here’s the thing, the assignment was not the focus, it was in fact revolving the gains of exploring the world, or in this case, worlds.  The mermaids in the village are very shy, but some of the children managed to muster up the courage to get to speak to Mirai and Riko after they proved to be extremely friendly. The girls talked about their worldly explorations, and how Mirai is a foreign to the magic world and how Riko had traveled Mirai’s world, where there the two of them met and became friends ever since. The point of this subject is to encourage to step outside of the box and you will have the opportunity meet different people and see all kinds of things. It turns out the mermaids used to do just that thanks to their a large clam (which holds the Sapphire Linklestone). It also gave them (when it is open) the ability to literally fly in the sky. That’s right, flying mermaids (or as I thought: flying fish).

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 7 Img 0003Now you must be wondering what I meant when I said the clams entertained me the most. Well it’s just that, this week’s lesson was really simple and straightforward: open the clams by solely using words/ you voice. Now I found this hilarious for a number of reasons. First off were the girls’ attempts. Riko tried to order them sternly, and eventually snapped at them (where there the Clams showed attitude, this is the other part that entertained me) and Mirai… Oh precious Mirai thinks to herself, “Where are their ears?” and since she couldn’t see it, she shouts at the top of her lungs, startling the clam.

Although not much happened this episode, this episode proved that yes: The girls cannot transform without Moforun. He is their final link and is the heart of their power source. Without him, they are useless. It will be interesting to see what will happen once the enemy figures this out. Perhaps we will get to the girls utilizing the magic they learned in the future episodes in order to fend off/fight the enemies. That would be really interesting to see happen.

And finally, my favourite part of the episode: The Sapphire Linklestone Transformation Sequence.
Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 7 Img 0009Oh my gosh, this is my favourite one yet, it was soooooooooooo pretty! I just loved everything about it, it was drop dead gorgeous, and I can’t tel you how much I adore the Sapphire outfits, so freaking beautiful. And then the animation, oooh the animation, the ribbons, animation- I don’t know why but I love that stuff, probably because it connects to my childhood of when I watched Sailor Moon- like I said an entry or two ago, the transformation reminds me of Sailor Moon’s classic transformation.

Next week, It looks like it’s going to be yet again another episode lacking plot progression, which raises a couple of questions considering how quickly they are picking up some of the key Linklestones. But who cares, there are going to be adorable Pegasus next week!


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0 thoughts on “Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 6 & 7

  1. “It turns out the mermaids used to do just that, but haven’t done so ever since their sacred treasure, this large clam which possessed the Sapphire Linklestone, and permitted the mermaids to literally fly in the sky.”
    Ever since their sacred treasure… what? If you interrupt that part of the sentence with a description of the sacred treasure, before you finish the sentence you need to follow the description with a conclusion explaining what happened with the treasure to change the mermaids’ behavior, otherwise the setence just doesn’t work.
    …I’ll return for non-nitpicky comments once I’ve had a chance to watch the episodes myself.

  2. I really enjoyed episode 6, it was great for developing Riko’s character and I liked getting to see her bond with her sister, as rocky as it was. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to episode 7 yet, but seeing the new transformation designs, I’m pretty excited! 😀

  3. About episode 6
    This one really shows touching moments and more about Riko’s past.
    And I really liked to meet her sister and teacher Liz, she’s so nice. ^^
    I liked the moment when Riko felt so down and was about to say that Liz should’ve been the Pretty Cure instead and Mirai said out loud to her that she’s wrong and convinced her that she definetely wants to be with her always, as both friends and warriors. It was important for both of them in this season, not to mention that it’s wonderful. ^^
    And yet, it reminded me of an episode of HeartCatch when Tsubomi was feeling down, clumsy and weak to work with Erika as Pretty Cures.
    The ending is so good and beautiful.
    Riko passed the task of water magic and made a pretty gift to her sister as well. Kawaii. ^^
    I was surprised about the magic wand appearing to Riko and the Linklestone glows showing her mysterious fate to Liz. And what a beautiful sight of younger Liz carrying her little sister like that at night in the field.
    But sincerely, I wished she knew about Riko and Mirai being the Pretty Cures and keep their secrets. Oh well, at least she knows that Riko is really special and has a friend with a powerful bond. 🙂
    This proved better than I expected. Can’t wait to watch an episode that shows more about Mirai’s past.
    About episode 7
    This episode has funny scenes, cool scenes, one ‘trouble time’ and, of course, a new transformation! XD
    The scene with clams are really funny, especially Riko’s expression and Mirai’s speaking loud and scaring the clam!
    I agree that those clams are entertaining Eva, but to me they were also being so DIFFICULT (Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ quote)! XD
    I also liked the moment when Mirai cutely holds her breath for too long but she couldn’t and feels she’s drowning, and when the three mermaid children laughed at Jun when she tried to open the clam with force, twice actually. ^^
    The relationship between those three mermaid children and the Pretty Cures is really educational and really shows about knowing different people or beings of each world and learn about them. 🙂
    But when Mirai and Riko left to fight, I really thought ‘You fools! You forgot Mofurun!’. And that’s really serious indeed Eva, because I wonder which villain will see this as a weak spot and take Mofurun from them. I really wonder. Let’s wait and see.
    The transformation is beautiful and awesome at the same time, and they look great with their Sapphire outfits too! These transformations, new outfits and new attacks are getting really impressive and amusing, can’t wait to see the new ones when the warriors achieve them.
    About the preview
    It was short and didn’t surprise me, but I hope it doesn’t reveal as a big filler episode and the Pegasus are beautiful and great magical animals, and I like horses too.
    Needless to say, I love hippogriffs and dragons as well. ^^

  4. On the contrary, I felt that episode 7 was POOR beyond my worst expectations! Not only their lesson appeared unnecessary (and how ridiculous for Mirai & Riko to pass their test), but the Sapphire transformation & fight was TOO SLOW! Overall episode 6 I really enjoy (Liz being my new favourite waifu <3) but episode 7… meh.
    P.S. I think I can figure out one of Riko's shortcomings in practicing magic: For most of time the time she actually just IMITATED Liz's magic because she adored her sis since childhood but not discovering & pursuing her own style. Is it something new? NO, Emiya Shirou's ideals were also borrowed from Kiritsugu too, same goes to Sakaki Yuya who always thought that the duel he inherited from his father Yusho was his "own" style.

  5. Wow. The Sapphire forms are really nice. And the transformation really emphasized the difference between them and the other forms. A lot of beauty and grace. Where Diamond seems to be similar to a lot of “basic” Precure transformations, bestowing equal parts agility and power with a lot of high-speed dodging and striking; and Ruby is pure power where the girls focus on strength-vs-strength matches and pure, overwhelming, direct force; Sapphire… well… flows like water: when the enemy tries to hit them they just effortlessly flow around it, and move to use the enemy’s own strength against him.
    And then there’s that finisher! Again with the oribtal cannons: Cure Honey had one for her basic finisher as well, and it always seemed like crazy overkill to START at the “nuke it from orbit” option, when we know the girls are going to have to get a powerup for mid and end season, and it’s supposed to be something even more impressive than their starting finishers. Still this one looked really powerful, even if the name for it doesn’t seem to make any sense at all.
    In other reactions, I am, sadly, giving the mermaid girls a 95% chance of never showing up again, although I’d really love it if they were to hit that 5% and fly out to see Mirai and Riko every so often.

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