Nijiiro Days Episode 11: [Someone Has a Crush on Keiichi]

And it’s someone else than me


The episode pick up where it left us last week, with Mattsun’s sister seeing him entering the karaoke room. She follows him and sees her beach prince Keiichi in the same room and concludes that her brother must be friend with her crush. So then, she asks Matsun to arrange a meeting between her and Keiichi in order to properly thank him for what he did for her at the beach. Well, in my opinion, asking your brother to arrange a meeting with his friend to thank him when you actually thanked him before is a bit awkward but eh. WHO AM I TO JUDGE?!

As expected, Mattsun refuses and makes her sister cryvlcsnap-2016-03-22-18h36m48s996. It would be a bit exaggerated if it was another guy, but remember that it’s Keiichi. Not being able to see Keiichi is a big deal!

Since Mattsun ignores the reasons of his sister’s attachement to Keiichi, he’s mad at him, thinking that he made a move on her on or something like that. Neither Keiichi nor Natsuki or Tusyopon know Mattsun’s sister and seeing Mattsun so worried about her make them laugh. They call him a siscon aaaaand it’s not that far from the truth. But the thing that I found that the most interesting thing there was the fact that, Mattsun was more worried about seeing his friend becoming his sister’s lover rather than being concerned by Keiichi’s sexual preferences and what he might do to his sister. It might means that Mattsun actually trusts Keiichi and is intimately convinced that he would never do something non respectful to a girl. And that’s nice, that’s really nice.

But…Mattsun is pissed off by his friends making fun of him and not understanding why he doesn’t want to arrange that meeting, so he agrees. The meeting is set to happen next to the riverside, where Tsuyopon also planned to meet Yukirin since she has something to tell him.  When Mattsun’s sister arrives his fears become real: She’s really into Keiichi. At first Keiichi did not remember who she was and why she was thanking him. Tsuyopon and Yukirin who happened to witness the scene at the beach, explain everything, which pisses of Mattsun even more. Seeing his sister being really into Keiichi, Matssun starts having  trouble accepting it and wondering  if it’s a good or bad thing since Keiichi is his friend. I cannot really say anything about this subject but I guess it would be pretty awkward for Mattsun to see Keiichi becoming his brother in law or something like that but god damn funny for us to watch.

The thing that Yukirin wanted to tell Tsuyopon is that she actually won tickets for the amusement park and that she’s inviting everyone, Anna and Mary too. Tsuyopon is impressed by his girlfriend and tells her again that she’s some kind of goddess.vlcsnap-2016-03-22-18h45m00s209

This episode was really funny. I think it’s my favorite one so far. I’m looking forward for me awkward scenes between Mattsun and Keiichi due to Mattsun’s sister’s attachement to the BDSM Prince.  Also, I like the Amusement park “Arc”, if you can call it like that, in the manga. There’s some interesting and funny scenes at the park and I’m especially looking forward to a particular moment at the hot springs…

But there’s more Mary…


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