Wow. It seems like every single time I watch this show, I feel stupider. Like…I lose a little bit of faith in humanity every single time this comes on. If these were not 3 minutes each, my brain would have oozed out of my head by now. I can’t believe I’m still watching these stupid things. (sigh) I’m just…I’m just going to start, okay?

So the episode starts out with these three at the amusement park together. They fart around together for a while, but big boob girl realizes that she’s not getting anywhere with crazy being around. So she fakes going to the bathroom, and when crazy follows her, she heads back and leaves to go be with fatty alone.

I really really don't get the appeal here
I really really don’t get the appeal here

She tries to get him to go on the ferris wheel, but he wants to wait for the crazy girl. Eventually he gets dragged away by a marshmallow stall where crazy is. Big boob girl realizes that crazy is too good and decides to give up on him….That is until 20 seconds later when they all go on the Ferris Wheel and he confesses to her. Fat guy politely declines because…get this. SHE’S ALREADY THE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY’S GIRLFRIEND. She says “well yeah, but I love you too…” Crazy curses her out, and she runs away.

Oh...she's awful AND stupid. I get it now
Oh…she’s awful AND stupid. I get it now

Now, just when you think crazy might get something, out of nowhere pops this woman with this kid and the kid’s like “daddy!” and he hugs the kid. But he acts surprised like the kid has gotten big. So..I’m going to ASSUME this is his kid and he and his wife are divorced? That’s…the feeling I got? It was not explained very well.

Hi girl and....random woman whoever the fuck you are
Hi girl and….random woman whoever the fuck you are

That’s where the episode ends, but it just left me confused.

First off, this episode showed that big boobed girl is terrible. Secondly it showed that fat guy is a dad. thirdly…I THINK he’s divorced? Like I said, just my assumption.

I don’t exactly know what they were trying to convey in this episode. because crazy walked away as soon as the fat guy started talking to the kid. Did she KNOW he had a kid? Did she just not want to interrupt? I don’t fucking know. They don’t explain anything. Kind of like how they never explained WHY she likes him in the first place.

Now you see why this episode hurt my brain. It doesn’t explain a damn thing about anything. Also I learned that big boob girl is a terrible person. So now there’s two terrible people and a dumbass with a kid. This means that not only did he get TWO girls to like him, he somehow got this third one to have a kid with him. Jesus man. You are NOT a harem anime star.

This is not the face of a harem protagonist
This is not the face of a harem protagonist

This series is just getting weirder and stupider as it goes on. I hope it’s done soon. They keep trying to make it seem interesting and now they’re trying to throw “twists” and it’s just…no Ojisan to marshmallow. You’re about an idiot who likes marshmallows and the creepy girl who’s stalking him. Don’t try to be something you’re not. You don’t have the talent for that.

Episode 3/10


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  1. trejon pearson

    Lol I thought the bathroom fake put was pretty funny

  2. Noc

    Tried watching this show for the first time. I legit thought someone was gonna get stabbed in the bathroom.

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