Endride – Episode 1 [Ride] [First Impression]



Hmm… correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t I been here before? Let me analyze the list.

  • The main character is into crystals (Check)
  • The main character has spiky brown hair (Check)
  • One of the female characters has a magical creature sidekick (Check)

This had better not be a Comet Lucifer ripoff, because we all know how that turned out. I’m a little hesitant to pick up this series after seeing so many smiliarities between the two shows, but am not so jaded that I won’t give it a try.

The premise of this show is that fifteen year old Shun Asanaga is one day transported to the land of Endra, where he meets sixteen year old Emilio, who is also a vlcsnap-00013prince. Emilio lives in the land of Endora, whereas Shun comes from the “Land Above,” aka the “surface”, aka Earth.

In the beginning of the episode, we see that Shun lives with his parents, but his father is a workaholic, forgetting even his own birthday many years. Shun has a love of crystals, an interest that could have been passed down from his mother, as she is a former archaeologist. Shun plans a birthday party for his father, but when he forgets to show up yet again, Shun keeps the promise he made to his mother to go retrieve his father from work. This would have been a fine plan if only he could keep his hands to himself, for it is in his father’s office that Shun discovers the crystal which transports him to Endora. Like a moth to a flame, Shun touches the portal and is sucked into it.

Shun is dropped into an underground prison. Once there, Shun accidently discovers that he can summon weapons from his chest, and he uses his Warp Relic to break Prince Emilio out of the prison King Delzaine put him in. Emilio helps Shun escape, but they run into a lion beast-like creature from the Zu Clan and are forced to fight it. Shun manages to once again bring out his Warp Relic, but being unsure of what to expect he is near useless in battle. This allows the lion creature to push them both back and knock them into the waters below. Prince Emilio saves them by towing them underwater into some nearby hidden sewers, and when they reach above ground again, they meet a friend of Emilio’s.

I’m not sure what to think. Shun both annoys and amuses me. Prince Emilio is so far very abrasive. Shun’s father is, quite frankly, an idiot. The music is tolerable, but the animation (especially environments) is very pretty.  I was expecting a little more from Endride, ie it took like half the episode for the action to get going, but I’m thinking that might just be my high expectations.

I think it will be the usual three episode rule for me. I’m confident this can turn out to be a decent show, if it doesn’t follow in the same steps of Comet Lucifer.


Possibility of Watching: Moderate
Possibility of Blogging: Moderate



6 thoughts on “Endride – Episode 1 [Ride] [First Impression]

  1. Something doesn’t work here and I don’t really know if it’s the gem nerd, the tsundere prince with a strange sense in fashion, the opening where the singer sounds like he’s dying or something or the stupidity of everyone in this show.

    My favorite moment was in the prison when the guards arrived:
    -Hey you! Who are you, how did you get here?
    -Well, I-I just…

    A classic.

    1. I know right? And Emilio just wouldn’t lay off Shun. Major buzzkill. But the opening shows them getting along, so things have got to improve at some point right?

  2. Shun was designed by Watsuki Nobuhiro, Rurouni Kenshin’s creator. Emilio was designed by Hagiwara Kazushi, creator of heavy metal fantasy manga Bastard!!
    The anime softened the original designs, especially Shun – Watsuki’s design had shorter and spikier hair.

    Endride’s listed as 2-cour, so this will be quite the investment for anyone following it weekly.

    1. Ah, thank you for that info! I’ve heard of Bastard!! but never seen it. Same with Rurouni Kenshin. You’re right, I can see Shun’s hair is definitely different.

  3. I tried to watch the first episode, but I guess this show just isn’t for me. :/ I just felt…bored. Didn’t even get to the end before I decided to do something else, which is a pity, because I do love shows about fantasy worlds. Idk.

    1. You know what? Me too. And I like fantasy shows as well! (usually) I’m not sure why I didn’t get as attached to this one. I really wasn’t as impressed with Emilio as a character; I don’t mind Shun.

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