Macross Delta Episode 3

Was anyone else seriously annoyed about the way Hayate had passed his exam? I know I was. What irritated me the most was how he was not punished for slacking off. Mirage has been assigned to be Hayate’s Cadet Instructor to teach him aviation, but instead of showing up to class, he skips it and like a child would only take part if they are going to fly. Look, it’s great and all that Hayate found something to be excited about (flying), and made it clear that he is not interested in fighting, but I find his attitude rather inappropriate considering he has been taken in as a trainee for the Delta Platoon, whose role are to protect Walkure. Whether he likes it or not, as long as he is a pilot for the Delta Platoon, he is going to have to fight these battles.

Macross Delta Ep 3 Img 0017But the one thing that really ticked me off was how he was literally bailed out by Freyja (who was undergoing a training exercise of her own), who by the way saved his ass when he decided to turn off AI -and yet he STILL passed the exam. Had she not saved him, I am fairly certain he would have failed – and honestly, I was hoping for that. And under the circumstances in which he had passed the exam, it did not make me feel better or encourage me to forgive the writers for this decision by having Messer swoop in and smacked some sense into Hayate to start attending his lessons properly. And you know what, this week showed us just how immature and (in way) conceit Hayate is. Now with that, I will be expecting him to mature over time, and based off the preview, he might be in for a nasty reality-check next week.

Due to how detestable Hyate immature behavior was, Mirage’s character appeal skyrocketed. It was precisely because it was incredibly satisfying to see her put him in his place. Unfortunately for us however, the fun of Mirage being the strict instructor who would readily challenge him on his claims was short-lived. She was burdened with the role to be Hayate’s instructor, and it was frustrating to have to see her have to waste her time tracking him down.

Macross Delta Ep 3 Img 0018While Hayate was slacking off and spending more time training with a Mercat (who 1 v 5), Freyja has been undergoing her own training session. However she has been struggling to keep up and fold reactor hasn’t been responding in the levels necessary. So the team puts her in a situation where someone else is in danger, and how she would respond to the situation (in this case it was Hayate and his result of his stupid decision to turn off the AI), where she then pulls through.

Overall nothing much happened this episode aside from Hayate and Freyja training. The most entertaining part was when Hayate was put in his place by Mirage, and the Mercat 1 V 5 everyone like a boss. We barely learned anything about Walkure, but the one thing we do learn that Mikumo is shrouded in mystery- apparently nobody knows where she lives. We were only given a glimpse of the Wind Kingdom stuff going on post-credits. It appears the Ominous Voice belongs to their King, who claims they are about to stir up a great wind…

And one last thing: During the premiere I mentioned how I was concerned about the Songs quality, and I am happy to acknowledge the trend has been improving. Freyja’s songs, they are the best ones yet, I am in love with every single one of them. I eagerly anticipate their future release!


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  1. Mentaromega says:

    Good lord, you really have a bone to pick with Hayate, don’t you? 🙂
    All jokes asides though, you’re perfectly right. Hayate needs a massive attitude adjustment, and he’ll certainly get it over time. Let’s cut him some slack – at least, his apology at the end should give him the benefit of doubt.
    Truth to be told, I’m watching this show primarily for Mirage. For me, the key scene of the episode was when Hayate asked her if she was having fun flying, and her reaction was confused. “Having fun? I’m a soldier, I protect people”. The concept was alien to her.
    Both Hayate and Mirage can benefit from each other. Mirage could improve with a bit more Hayate, and Hayate needs a massive dose of Mirage to get ahead. This reminds me of the old Rick/Lisa dynamics from Robotech/Macross, and I’m absolutely looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

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