Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 9 & 10

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Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 9

It is time for the final lesson, and I have to say- I wish some of the earlier lessons were more like this one. For the first time, their lesson was a legitimate challenge, and with it being the final lesson, it forced them to utilize all the skills they have gained in order to properly pass. Much to my surprise, only Mirai and Riko had passed the final test, indicating the others are likely stuck repeating a year.

But the most surprising part about this episode was how it was paced. Each of the events felt as though it was taking more time than it actually did, which helped contribute making the episode feel longer than average. I appreciated how it took it time and show us how both girls were struggling with the fact this was going to be their final lesson together. Actually hte most interesting part was how differently the two were responding. Riko was feeling under the weather, lacking motivation to pass the test, knowing once they do, they will be separated. Mirai on the other-hand was thinking about Riko’s dream and was super motivated to ensure Riko would past the test and move on to the next level. Each of their own thoughts were touching and this episode did a really good job of conveying just how much these two care about each other.

It wasn’t until the very last scene when it finally dawned to me that it would be Riko going to Mirai’s world this time round. I can’t help but have mixed opinions about this because a part of me really wanted the two of them to continue their studies at the Magic Academy, while on the other-hand, having Riko now be enrolled in school with Mirai offers a much-needed change of pace. I suppose one of the key reasons why feel so down about this is that Riko has worked so hard, only to now have to leave the Magic World in order to help Mirai obtain some of the Linklestones which are residing in her world (according to the Crystal ball Premonition). Of course it is not like Riko is super upset about this, in fact it’s now the opposite. She now values friendship over her magic capabilities, and it is clear that Riko is more than willing to be with Mirai in her world… but it still leaves me feeling blue.

The enemies for once looked as though they were finally going to group up, except for the fact Batty had already left long before they had arranged their plans. I am hoping this is an indication that the villains’ strategies are going to change and we will start seeing them group more often from here on forward. With magic coming to the world without magic, it ought to shake things up.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 10

Mirai returns to her world alongside Riko and the second they return, they immediately find a Linklestone sitting in front of them at the station. At first I wondered if it were going to be a trap, especially with the Crow who I thought was watching them from afar, but nah- it was just the start of what would split the two up. When the Crow snatched it, Haa flew after it, causing Riko who had her broom ready at had to fly after her, but Mirai’s was stuck in her briefcase that was locked tight, causing her to lose track of Riko, who then found herself lost. So while Riko was lost, and quickly found by none-other than Mirai’s mother, Mirai was off on a wild goose-chase, searching for Riko and latter chasing a cat who then picked up the Linklestone. The girls were able to find each other again by remembering the melon bread food truck and hurried over in hope the other would be there, and that was about it. Of course they had their share of a fight with the villain, this time up against a more powerful Covettor- which was nice to see, but unfortunately it was just as boring as the rest of the episode.

On the other hand, it looks like they will finally get a hold of the Linklestone they have been pursuing all day in next week’s episode. I am curious to see how it will fall into their hands, or if it is even the same one. I am guessing it is just based off the fact it is Topaz and they are getting a new outfit (a sugary one at that). In the mean time, it doesn’t look like next week’s episode is going to be particularly exciting to say the least, in fact it looks like they are going to do the same old same old we see in almost every series, the fairies getting themselves into trouble while the girls are at school. I am holding out in hopes that at least this arc will be significantly more interesting, and this show has proven it can be (episode 6 probably being my favorite to date). However, with that in mind: I would say this arc will be playing a major role determining whether or not it will encourage me to continue the coverage beyond Episode 15 – 20, even if it wounds up being covered bi-weekly due to how the subs are released.


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  1. Wanderer says:

    This post has vanished from the front page. :/
    Episode 9 was good and sweet and cute and I still totally ship Riko x Mirai. I’ll watch Episode 10 when I get a chance.

    • Eva says:

      Thank you for alerting me this, I will look into the problem right away. I just updated the theme so it might have something to do with it.
      EDIT: Re-installed the theme, everything should be back to normal now.

  2. Coverage for two episodes which is fine by me, episode 9 is OK although that final scene should be used in a Precure season finale, and for episode 10 the Topaz chase was RIDICULOUS heck it was so poorly written!! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Riko is the one who still kept me in the show, and seeing her interacting with Mirai’s mother (not to mention we got more info about Riko’s parents, her father is an archaeologist while her mother is a culinary researcher) was my favourite part, and next week OMG (I banged my head here) Riko will enroll in Mirai’s school and see a few familiar faces, that’s GREAT -__-” Now she’ll have to attend 2 schools at both worlds, wonder how will she keep up, will she choose to stay permanently in Mirai’s world until she graduates or she will return to her world and resume the path of becoming an outstanding magic user?

    • Eva says:

      I don’t mind doing double-posts, so as long the series is interesting. However it all comes down to determining whether or not it is worth my time to write about every week.

      • elior1 says:

        like you i have mixed feelings about this season. on one hand the interaction between mirai and riko is great and enjoyable to watch but on the outher hand sometimes it little boring. i still not sure about this season

      • So Imagination Subs are doing that stuff, but you haven’t give me your opinion on Riko’s enrollment at Mirai’s school. Will Riko stay on Earth until she graduates (or maybe FOREVER as the previous seasons of Precures liked to say “We’re staying together forever~~!!” with Smile Precure sprouting that often and reached stupid heights with Reika’s turning down an offer for overseas studies in UK the best example, unless it’s the kind of separation happened during the last episode of Go Princess Precure) OR will she eventually return to her home world and pursue her dream??

        • Eva says:

          I did mention a bit of how I felt about Riko enrollment at Mirai’s school, (subtly though, because I needed to wait for the confirmation in episode 10 – I watch episode 9 and then wrote my thoughts before moving on to the next one). It is a good chance of pace, but ehhhhh I’m not sure. I would suspect she would probably go back either after they graduate or maybe even a year after they complete their mission of collecting the Linkle Stones. However with the Deputy Headmistress showing up, I take it as an indication she will be there to privately tutor Riko (and possibly Mirai) in order to help her keep up with her Magical Studies. At the end of the day, I’m sure Riko would return to her world- especially since it’s not like she can’t visit Mirai ever again and vice versa, they would probably provide a pass for Mirai to travel between realms as well.

  3. Mary Alice says:

    Ya forgot one detail.
    Seems if ONE person passes the test in 9, everyone passes. At least that’s what I saw, so they all go forward.
    I liked the epis tho!

  4. Your review of these episodes is very good and I agree with the facts it happened in them too.
    I hope this series keeps going well and in a way that convinces you to keep watching and writing your reviews for us all, Eva. 🙂
    Now then, I think episode 9 is very good and I liked it more than 10. The only part I liked the most of 10 is the encounter and talk between Riko and Kyoko, Mirai’s mother.
    Episode 9 shows some surprises, especially what Riko is concerned about. And I really liked the Last Test very much. Even though Mirai has returned to her home with Riko and Ha-chan, I hope they get the chance of visiting the Magic World again in some episode ahead.

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