Mayoiga Episode 2: Blinding Mist

Yeah so I decided to join in on this show. I couldn’t help myself.

mayoiga2.4So continuing being rude to the bus driver, Valkana forces the bus driver to keep going on the road, even though the bus driver told him he shouldn’t because it’s dark and could be dangerous. Which is true, but Valkana doesn’t care. So they keep going. It’s dark, they’re in the woods, and it’s also foggy. That spells trouble, and they do get in it. The bus slips and tips over a slope getting them off the road. Some of the guys try pushing it back up the slope but because of the rain, the slope is too muddy. Koharun looks at the map and says they can make it to the village by foot, but the problem is what to do with the bus driver. God some of them are awful. Some don’t even care about the guy and want to leave him there, while others actually have a good heart and said it was all their fault that they forced him to keep going and they shouldn’t leave him there. Mikage steps up and tells the gang to give the man all their money. They won’t need “old” currency in the new life they’ll live, so it kills two birds with one stone.

Other rude comments said to him, they all leave, and the bus driver is pissed. And rightfully so, these guys are so fucking rude. So we see the gang walking with the guys carrying the boxes of food and supplies and Mitsumune is trying to talk to Masaki, and Ayato asks him if he’s fallen for her. Because he’s noticed that Mitsumune seems to fall for girls easily because he doesn’t have much experience with them. These two went to an all-boy’s school, so I’m not very surprised. Also, they look….13, so they’re starting the strange phase in life called “puberty”. When Lion walks up to him, he starts blushing again and agrees that maybe he is a little too easy. I really don’t think this kid is gay, like Lion thinks. But yeah he really is a bit of a pushover, and it looks like he and Ayato were friends for awhile. Also, Ayato was actually the one that knew about the tour first. The kid seems rational so I’m even wondering why he’s here.

Isn’t that what guys in yaoi say?

The gang continues on, but then somebody screams and says she saw something big. When they shine the light on the ground, they see something that looks like bear prints, though a little smaller. So they hurry along and eventually they make it to a village. After Koharun checked to absolutely make sure, it’s official that they’re in Nanaki village. The place is pretty spacious, but it’s old and rundown. Though they all expected a campsite, this is way beyond their expectations. Towers, rivers, houses, things like that.

mayoiga2.24The tour guide tells everyone they should introduce themselves to the villagers BUT OF COURSE THERE AREN’T ANY. As the group looks around and call inside the houses, they get no answer. Looking inside the houses, it’s dirty and dusty and even some of the windows and wood are broken. One of the women used to work as a cleaner and from looking at the dust, one of the houses was abandoned for about a year. So they all gather, wondering where the hell the people went and finally someone spoke up, Nanko another rational-looking person, asking how Koharun was able to find the village when other people couldn’t and it’s not on the map. Supposedly she had gotten a random email from someone, and she had also been studying folklore. They’re not buying it and neither am I. But honestly why the hell didn’t they ask this question before they came on this trip? Now they’re gonna die because they’re all stupid.

Everyone is also wondering how all the people disappeared and weird theories are thrown in. So now everyone has split up into groups to look around the village and now bad things are going to happen thanks to that son of a bitch Yottsun. If there’s going to be rape in this show I’m going to have a hard time watching it. I hate when they use rape as a way to move the plot. It’s no unnecessary and I just can’t. I cannot watch anything with rape, and since this show is an original, I can’t check to see what’s going to happen. But a grown man trying to get his way with an underage girl? Fuck you. He’s trash and I hope he dies first. Lovepon may be a little crazy but her idea of execution isn’t looking too crazy right about now.

We’re about to have a crime right now, sooooo…hint hint.

I’m going to hope with all my heart that nothing bad happens to Masaki, and that Yottsun gets killed by whatever the bus driver and Masaki had seen. There’s not going to be peace in the village with this guy around.


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6 thoughts on “Mayoiga Episode 2: Blinding Mist

  1. Varukana is beginning to get on my nerves. I was hoping his overly aggressive behaviour would die down after a while, but there’s no indication of that happening – what happened to them all turning over a new leaf and beginning new lives in the village? None of them are being as cordial to each other as future neighbours really should be.

    Lovepon is cute, and so is Maimai. Lion is still the best though. I was thinking Maimai would lead Mitsumune on for a while before revealing her true intentions to him at a critical moment, but they got that over with oddly quickly.

    Fuck Yottsun. Also, is Driver really still Driver? Or did the thing that knocked on the window kill him and assume his form?

    1. Oh man yes, he’s getting on my nerves too. I can’t really say they’re all getting along with each other at all, and if they really want to live a new life with each other then they need to get the bad attitude out of here. But honestly this was a disaster from the beginning. I don’t think Valkana is going to get killed or disappear, but his actions are most likely going to cause such a fate for someone else. He’ll probably change his attitude then.

      Hmm…it makes you think. I don’t know if this show will go the supernatural route, so anything goes.

  2. I the the tour guide is gonna die first cuz they made a point to show he was the first one to cross over into nanaki village I thinking they are dealing with werewolves lol idk that would be interesting what if all the villagers turned into them and that’s why there are now bodies and now they are all gonna get hunted down

    1. Like I said in my above comment, anything goes because we don’t know if it’ll go all supernatural. But your idea sounds cool! Though if there really would be werewolves, how would that explain the figure Masaki saw run by the house really fast, since werewolves only appear at night? That would mean all the deaths and disappearances would only happen at night. But still, interesting idea.

  3. “But honestly why the hell didn’t they ask this question before they came on this trip? Now they’re gonna die because they’re all stupid.”

    I think this is going to be the main draw of the show. A glorious celebration of the power of Darwinian selection that purges all these complete idiots/assholes’ genes from humanity leaving us a little better off as a result.

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