Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 19: We’re in Space!

That was WAY too easy. Way too easy. Those astronauts were way too nice and calm and honestly it was all so ridiculous. And I should expect ridiculous things with this show, but this…okay then.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 19 [1080p].mkv0038I felt that this episode was rushed. I didn’t expect this space voyage to happen so quickly. I’m just amazed that a few kids were able to hijack a rocket without any notice. So it was very simple. Some of the kids would distract the men working there, while Ritsu would handle the security cameras. Nagisa and Karma were chosen to go on this voyage and they agreed. They were easily able to reach the rocket and swapped out the dummies that were in place. They set off, and with no complications, they reached the space station. They met with the American men in the station and threatened them with a bomb, but they calmly explained their situation. The men liked the boys and agreed to give them the information, and so they did. Karma and Nagisa had a little fun in the station while also helping the men move stuff around while Ritsu copied the data. Then, again without any problems, they left the station and set out for Earth. Also, they never had a bomb. The thing they had that said “bomb” on it was just jelly or something. Once they reach a certain part of the Earth’s hemisphere, Koro-sensei finds their craft and guides it to water near their school, and Karma and Nagisa return safely with the data.

Turns out, with Okuda translating, smaller creatures with the tentacle cells have a higher chance of having a strong reaction. But the bigger, the less it will. Such as, a human-sized creature with the cells has a much lower chance of going haywire. There is also a medicine you can make with silicone that decreases these chances even more, lower than 1%! And Okuda can actually make it, because she already did. That one time she made Koro-sensei drink her poison and he turned to a grey blob thing. She can just make it herself, and Koro-sensei should be fine.

This was…just way too easy. They went to space with no trouble, got the data with no trouble, and it turns out that the solution they needed was right in front of them all along. I just felt like all of this happened too fast and it was too convenient. Also, the class made an agreement that, and I hope I understood this right, that they will try to kill Koro-sensei until the deadline, and if they don’t, they’ll just make medicine and save him. So basically appeasing both sides, I guess? I didn’t quite understand that part.

I guess this was an ok episode, but I just wonder what’s going to happen now. I haven’t forgotten about Shiro/Yanagisawa, he has to appear again soon and I’m going to wait for that in these next 6 episodes. This show likes surprising me. Also, Ritsu experiencing happiness and her love for being in the classroom made me very happy, and a little emotional. What a sweet computer program. :’)


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  1. I haven’t been watching the anime recently but this part also felt like it went down way too easily in the manga, I feel like this was the biggest “breaking my suspension of disbelief” part of the story honestly because it was all too simple!

  2. My question why is anime always being compared to real life. Not just this one but a lot of them

    We come to watch anime to for entertainment /getting away from the world.Where does it say in the fine print it has to plausible ?? Please anime logic has to be used.

    One reason AC is so fun it’s so outlandish at times.But always a lesson.

    But even if you are going by the context of the anime / mamgathis episode for Class 3-E is a stroll in the Park.

    First they are being taught by Koro-Sensei the assassin known as the Reaper.

    They were well trained by Karasuma an Elite agent who beat the likes of Lovro and the 2nd God of Death

    Irina taught the class many good spy skills but epecially the girls

    Even Lovro taught a class and gave Nagisa his “Secret Killing Technique”

    They beem kidnapped / blown up / faced death / even poisioned . A lot of their enemies now respect them.

    EP 7 Yukiko and Kaede.are kidnapped have to be rescued by their group ked by Karma

    EPS 9 / 11 Koro and the class have to contend with Ritsu and Itona who later become their fellow classmates

    EP 13 Nagisa defeats Takaoka the head trainer of Japan’s special elites.

    EP 14 the Class barely lives through the trap set by Shiro / Itona and the betrayal of Terasaka

    EPS 17-21 ( Island Arc ) The students skills and lives are put to the test first trying to kill Koro then forced into giving up Koro sensei to Takaoka who has poisoined some of the students and hired formidable assassin’s with a wounde Karsuma.They learned a lot and Ritsu ‘s skils were aptly used

    EP 25 The Class has to contend with Shiro / Itona but win and getiing Itoba to be a classmate

    EPS 29 / 30 The 2nd Reaper kidnaps Irina who the class tries to rescue but are caught too with explosives placed on them captures Koro and wants to flood the room Meanwhile the few stusents find Irina who has betrayed them / Karasuma has to take down the reaper with Koro’s help BTW the class /Koro escape with their new camoflaugue suits and skills.

    EPS 36 – 41 brings us to the Outer Space From Kaede’s surprise to to Koro’s backstory / the Class battle( great hiding and skills) to save Koro or not and Koro’s / Ritsu secret spy gathering leads us here

    Dont forget Ritsu is an A.I. capable of doing and learning many tasks . Hacking our DOD has been hacked already maybe not the extent5 tha Rirsu does but the potential is there.

    So nobody is expecting an group of JR high students to penetrate the Space center when they been trained are battle seasoned by the best and already have face death. Beside they are trying to save not only Koro but the world.

    Yes easy for the Class that was set to fail not only school but life.They are growing up fast!

  3. “We’re in Space!”


    *coughs* Ahem. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Anyway… yes, this does seem too easy, doesn’t it? Almost as if there must be some horrible twist lurking in the wings just waiting to ruin things now that it seems everyone’s finally reached the bright future they’re looking for.

    1. I’m with you on this one. It’s was just too easy and the astronauts were just too cooperative, which makes me very suspicious that it was a set-up of some kind.

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