Shun and the others have arrived at the port city of Amadeus. It sits across a canal from an island where lots of Zoozian people live, and that is the Ignauts’ next destination. However in the meantime they need to eat and rest, and try to secure access to a ship so they can cross the canal the next day.

They get themselves a room, and naturally Shun and Emilio start bickering again. Sigh. Pascal urges them to go explore the city, and they refuse until Alicia literally tells them to shut up because she’ll go with them. And it’s a good thing she does, because Emilio has no money and Shun of course has no Endorian vlcsnap-00006currency either. Alicia offers to buy the guys whatever they need, namely some winter clothes because it will get much colder once they cross the canal and get closer to Babylon. Pascal stays behind as the trio head out to explore the city.

Shun, Alicia and Emilio bump into Demetrio and Eljuia, who gives Shun a poncho to cover his surface clothes until he can buy some new ones. Shun gets super excited as he sees all sorts of food and gifts that he’s of course never seen before. As they’re exploring, Emilio gets the feeling that someone is watching them (a feeling which is also shared by Eljuia), but can see no one. After they get something to eat, they go shopping for clothes and other odds and ends.

As they’re heading back to the inn with their purchases, a little boy snatches Emilio’s knife and runs off with it. Emilio chases after the kid and catches up to him, with Alicia and Shun coming upon them shortly after. Emilio is oblivious, but Alicia immediately catches on that the boy stole Emilio’s knife because he and his two siblings are literally starving. Shun is familiar with this situation because there is poverty and starvation on the surface as well, but it’s Emilio’s first real exposure to this reality. Even Alicia says she would have been in the same situation if her father hadn’t given up his shop. After they’re done eating, Shun and Alicia play some basketball with the kids while Emilio watches.

It gets dark, and our trio heads back to the inn with their shopping. However en route they are attacked, but the only person they see is a young blonde girl holding what looks like a Hatsune Miku doll. It’s quickly apparent that she’s not what she appears, for she summons her Warp Relic and hurls exploding projectiles at Emilio. Emilio is about done for when Eljuia and Demetrio show up, with Eljuia saving Emilio with his Warp Relic (what looks like a magic carpet and works as a barrier).

vlcsnap-00023Demetrio fights the little girl one on one, eventually disarming her and breaking the collar around her neck which marked her as an assassin. He tells her that she’s free, but she tells him that she doesn’t know what to do with herself because she’s literally been raised all her life to do nothing but kill. She’s orphaned so she has no family or anyone to take care of her, so Demetrio says she can come along with the Ignauts and work on discovering a reason to continue to live as they all travel together.

Back at the inn, Demetrio introduces the little girl to Felix and Louise. Demetrio manages to coax the girl into saying her name: Mischa. Louise is not impressed with the new addition to the Ignauts’ crew, but everyone else welcomes her warmly. As they get ready to retire for the night, Pascal comes downstairs and announces that he will be leaving their group the next day.

Before they go to bed, Pascal and Emilio have another one of their private chats. Pascal confirms he’s headed back to the castle to get some equipment from the Royal Laboratory; I’m assuming it’s related to the decline of Warp Particles in Endora. Pascal asks Emilio what he thought of the city, and Emilio admits he’d been totally clueless about the world outside the castle. Assassins, poverty, starvation – he’d known about none of it.

The next day Pascal sets out on his own, while Shun and the others head down to the port where their ship is waiting for them.

My thoughts: I’m not sure about anyone else, but I found the animation in this episode really derpy. Is this because of the animation team? A budget issue? I have no idea but it just strikes me as a little odd.

Other than that, I was thrilled that Alicia finally said what I’m sure many viewers have wanted to say to Shun and Emilio for a long time. I actually really enjoyed this episode, perhaps moreso than any of the others so far. I get the idea that Mischa and Demetrio may end up having a father-daughter-like relationship, and that would be cute to watch (especially if it makes Louise jealous).

Author’s Note: I will be out of town for a few days this week and will have no internet access while I’m gone, so next week’s episode of Endride will be delayed by a day or two. My apologies in advance.