Sakamoto’s episode Seven is a good example of a previously mentioned phenomenon: For some reason this show [HorribleSubs] Sakamoto desu ga - 07 [720p].mkv_20160529_224013surprisingly pulls you in! I find this show has too many gimmicky themes or is focusing on its heavily Japanese basis, then just in time an episode that I can relate to appears. This episode features video rental stores (which do no exist anymore in America, so only old farts in America will even gather the reference) as well as Sports Festivals (which I am just weeaboo enough to enjoy) so I really was capable of relating to everything and finding it stupidly hilarious. When Sakamoto can resonate with its audience is when it really shines, and if its capable of hitting the mark for even an American (granted one who studies Japanese culture) then it’s likely succeeding far more among its target audience. For that, I have to assert that Sakamoto succeeds on the level I am supposed to be critiquing it on: its appeal as a comedy within its rightful genre.

[HorribleSubs] Sakamoto desu ga - 07 [720p].mkv_20160529_224345This time the three bozos steal a video Sakamoto needs to rent in order to force him to rent porn for them. I can’t make this up, they steal a bird video in order to force Sakamoto to pretend to be an adult. I can’t emphasize how amazing it is that Sakamoto’s waifu is probably someone from a genderbent version of Hatoful Boyfriend but the point remains that I totally support their crazy plan. What makes it amazing is that Sakamoto not only succeeds, but seems to come out with an entire tower of porn that he must hide from everyone he passes. The best part however is when Sakamoto manages to convince the manager he is older by drawing a watch that he looks at so convincingly the owner thinks he is super rich. Ultimately he gets his movie but his unwillingness to watch the porn freaks out his classmates and they return them, vowing to practice with health class first.

The next part focuses on the Bee-Clown (because lets be honest here, other than Aina the idol and some select [HorribleSubs] Sakamoto desu ga - 07 [720p].mkv_20160529_224527individuals who are not defined by their gags or who are too important to be IE Nobuta, everyones’ dumb nicknames are too fun to ignore) because he decides to stop being a jokester and put on a shirt long enough to show up Sakamoto, even though Sakamoto is on his team and it just meant victory for his class. He and the other guys want to show up Sakamoto and embarrass him so the girls will focus on other guys, ultimately they should have realized that Sakamoto has perfect teeth and Japan makes perfect plastic that allowed him to pry it out of barbed wire and win the bread eating contest. Come on, it’s so obvious that was going to happen! Excuse me, my husband Sakamoto helps me clean my sarcasm glasses each night so I will be able to perfectly write sarcasm. Because he is perfect. Like he is in this episode and all other episodes.

Bee-Butt eventually causes Yagi to suffer and in order to make her not embarrassed he strips as he races in order to [HorribleSubs] Sakamoto desu ga - 07 [720p].mkv_20160529_224647make her look better. This causes him to get what he’d always wanted: approval from one of the girls, so in turn Sakamoto’s encouragement for him to make a good move helped him get what he really wanted. It just goes to show you that…screwing with..Sakamoto…will…fix your life?? The three muskedoofs worship him and end up with better morals, the delinquents try to abuse his services and so end up as worse delinquents for it, everyone around Sakamoto ends up better off: but in the most hilariously fitting ways possible. He even gives bread to his defeated opponents. See, that’s why he is perfect husbando.

[HorribleSubs] Sakamoto desu ga - 07 [720p].mkv_20160529_224542

Sakamoto episode 7 gets a good grade from me as it expands to show how well it succeeds at what it was created to be.