Ace Attorney Episode 13 [Filler doge]

The last episode in ‘Part 1’ of this 24 episode anime is a filler episode. I will say given that the first 7-8 minutes is predictable and boring the episode does way more than I thought it would. This episode kind of reminds me what is [HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 13 [720p].mkv_20160626_214123.593good about this anime and why it might deserve to exist at all: the filler in this show can actually provide a relevant and engaging part of the story. While I wouldn’t say the best example is necessarily this episode we actively learn exactly how deep the friendships go in the show. While in the game we can see Phoenix / Naruhodo engage and show us why it matters to him personally, we don’t see the memories that make him fight for everything. In all honesty that’s such a good element to the show that I wish a lot more of the episodes contained this kind of content.

To give a good example: the best part of the anime in the beginning was seeing the details that showed how fiercely [HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 13 [720p].mkv_20160626_214450.265Phoenix was to protecting Maya / Mayoi. Seeing the list he made with all those crossed off names moved me and kept me watching. The best thing this anime can do is keep giving us glimpses of things that effect later content and make everyone into real character. For instance, we are introduced to Franziska / Mei in a short section of this flashback. This character is integral to the next arc of the story and it’s kind of nice to have that layover into the new content.

Now here’s the doozy, the next case they’re setting up is probably the most interesting one in the second game. It is definitely the most plot intensive case, introduces new characters, and also the preview made it look like they’re giving it the same general quality as what we saw in the last case. I am weary to say I have my hopes up because of it, because seeing the atmosphere remain so tame when the next case focuses on the Kurain channeling is disheartening. Let’s just cross our fingers and be excited for what the future might give us. Like more terribly sad Edgeworth with his dad moments!

[HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 13 [720p].mkv_20160626_213757.812

Stop giving me reasons not to just drop you, Ace Attorney anime!


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