B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious Episode 3

This week Tsubasa has been assigned to work alongside MooNs, where they were off to film for a Kids’ Curry Commercial. Although it was simple and cute to watch, not a whole lot actually happened and the conflict of the episode was extremely subtle and was not that serious. B-Project Ep 3 Img 0000In fact, I was kind of surprised that it didn’t focus on Kazuna’s, after such a conflicting reaction when Tsubasa brought up the other units success. It leads me to wonder if perhaps it will lead to a more serious conflict in the upcoming episodes, especially since it has also been further hinted the units who are meant to be one whole team is in fact pitting themselves against each other. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why B-Project isn’t working the way it was supposed to. Due to B-Project’s lack of appeal, they are treating their units as their bacon of hope in order to establish themselves, and it seems most of them already given up on B-Project, and that is why they are putting all their focus onto their individual projects. As result, it will be interesting how the groups will shift their priorities and how they respond to each others’ individual success.

B-Project Ep 3 Img 0006Tsubasa’s sharp hearing ability was further highlighted this episode, but it is nice to see she is in fact aware of it. It does make me want to learn more about her background, and how she became accustomed to the sounds. It was also great to see some of her skills, such as being organized and well prepared. Tsubasa appears to be seamlessly adapting to her new job. And you know what, so are the boys. They have quickly became fond of Tsubasa and now they are bummed out whether she is off with a different unit other than there own. I am curious to see whether or not Tsubasa’s presence may actually help bring B-Project together, but it goes without saying, B-Project’s success may depend on the clues Tsubasa obtains from various events of the boys’ hidden talent. Tsubasa had this realization when she asked the director why he picked MooNs, and it turns out he was at the FMJ Rehearsal and he was taken in by their stage presence. With that in mind, it does resassure her that B-Project still has hope, but at the end of the day, I think it will ultimately come down to the members themselves.

Although not much happened, this episode quickly made me into a huge fan of Tatsuhiro and Mikado. Tatsuhiro is a sweetheart, I had a feeling from the get go, but now I am sold. Mikado turns out to be an otaku and his waifu is Mamirin hearing him talk about magical girls was probably the best part of the episode.

B-Project Ep 3 Img 0003



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