Oh no, this show made me tear up again, damn it. I don’t know why but I expected this episode to be a bit more creepier, maybe due to the idea the little ones were trying to bring a prey to their “Queen” as Abeno had put it. But no, instead they continue to pull our heart-strings, revealing the younglings and their “big boss”  had no sinister intent in mind. All they were looking for were assistance to locate the yokai who calls himself Mononokean Master because the Big Boss Scree wanted to protect his precious younglings by sending them to the Underworld because he didn’t have much longer to live.

Fukigen na Mononokean Ep 2 Img 0016

Big Boss Scree was dying due to a parasite shrub that attaches itself to a yokai, locking them down so they can’t move and will eventually decease. It is known as an incurable curse/disease due to the lack of survivors. There is however a glimmer of hope for the yokai who are suffering from this parasite shrub and that is a medicine that would temporally weaken the parasite shrub. However it causes pain is so great, some died from it. But Big Boss Scree was willing to take that risk if it meant an opportunity to go to the Underworld with his kids.
I am not sure what I expected from the medicine, but the excruciating pain was no understatement, it was understandably hard to watch, especially for Ashiya. The medicine sets the yokai aflame, cleansing the roots which binds them to the Human World. Fortunately Big Boss Scree managed to survive the ordeal, his size has been reduce substantially and is able to reunite with the little ones who patiently waited for him to join them. ╥﹏╥ Thank goodness he survived because I don’t now if my heart would have been able to handle seeing the little ones wait for him, not knowing he had already died.

Fukigen na Mononokean Ep 2 Img 0019So it turns out Abeno is very much human, and a cool one at that because he can summon his “headquarters” wherever and whenever he likes. I mean how cool is that? You got your own space to chill out almost anywhere you go! He seems to be a bit guarded and keeping his expectations low in regards to Ashiya. I don’t know if Abeno is reluctant to make friends due to being different, but Ashiya is definitely surprising him by his courage and willingness to work alongside with him- even if it means to be the bait. Ashiya also made an excellent point how the two of them actually have more similarities than differences. It makes me happy knowing that Abeno now has a friend who also can see the world he sees, and I am eagerly anticipating Ashiya’s development in his enthusiasm to help yokai return to the Underworld. It will also be fun to see how Ashiya will step up to the plate as once they completed their task, Abeno had collapsed. It looks like he will be in no condition to perform any exorcism in next week’s episode. It is worth to point out Abeno has performed two exorcism in less than twenty-four hours, and he mentioned earlier in the episode that he is only strong enough to open the door twice a day, anymore than that it would take a toll on his health.

Another interesting tidbit we learn was the fact Abeno was reluctant to offer the medicine to Big Boss Scree because he was afraid to do so. He knew how high the risk was, so he didn’t want to make the offer. But it was thanks to Ashiya’s bold statement which encouraged him to make the offer after Big Boss Scree showed he had the convictions to do so and request to be exorcised.

Fukigen na Mononokean Ep 2 Img 0001It is funny how Ashiya’s good-nature ended up getting him into a bit a trouble again. Abeno had already warned him to ignore any yokai he sees, but after seeing a student unable to stand due to a yokai and removing it, Big Big Scree’s younglings came after him in droves. Hahahaha, poor guy. But hey, in the end I guess it worked out for the best since Ashiya had accidentally got involved and that’s how they were able to help save Big Boss Scree in the first place. That being said, I do wonder if just how many encounters in this series are to be Sunshine and Rainbows (though I could be wrong if this series is meant to be more a “feel-good” nature).

PS: Ashiya is now known as an Esper who can heal. Hahahaha!



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