Handa-kun Episode 3

I was hoping that the third episode would make me at least like the show a little bit, but I still feel pretty much the same. Though out of the three episodes that came out so far, this one was probably the best one. I found myself giggling a little more. I think the thing with Akane was surprising and hilarious, even though it didn’t make sense. That muscle band thing can’t change your voice?? But the fact that he was a shrimpy kid and is now this huge scary dude is funny. The second story I didn’t care for all that much. The third one we saw Kawafuji, who is familiar to people that have seen Barakamon. It’s interesting to learn why Handa is the way he is, and it’s all Kawafuji’s fault. I think he should tell Handa the truth because his behavior right now isn’t healthy, what kind of friend is he? :/

But I’m just not finding this show funny at all, like laugh out loud funny. It really is repetitive already with Handa’s misunderstandings. Everyone loves him, but he thinks they all hate him. Some of his actions suggest that he cares for them all, but he kinda doesn’t. This show hasn’t done anything else other than that and it’s gotten boring quickly. I don’t feel attached to anyone, not even Handa and that hurts me to say that. It’s just all so lackluster that I literally have nothing else to say. It’s just not funny.

Of course everyone has their own sense of humor, but I know I’m not the only one that feels that way, I’ve seen others have the same reaction. Something is missing. There’s no spark in the comedy, it doesn’t feel clever. It just feels so…flat. Maybe I just don’t care for the theme, which is Handa misunderstanding everything? Because it’s kind of dumb and irritating. Maybe that’s it for me, I don’t know.

Interesting that the same mangaka wrote this because this feels vastly different from Barakamon. People can say that the comedy there was centered around the environment and Handa’s little knowledge about it, but there was something else to Barakamon that Handa-kun doesn’t have: and that’s charm. I’ll give it one more episode and see if I’ll stop watching it, but as for reviewing it, I’m done. I don’t think I’ll do a review on it when it finishes either.



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  1. Yeah I think I’m gonna drop it too.
    It’s a shame cause I really liked Barakamon, it was so simple but so special.

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