Amaama to Inazuma Episode 5: Donuts!

Don-don-donuts, let’s go nuts!

Oh no, donuts are my absolute weakness. You mention donuts and I lose it. I love donuts so damn much, the fluffy and puffy dough, jelly-filled, topped with glaze. All kinds. Theyre. So. Good. And the donuts they made this episode looked amazing, but I sure as hell am never going to try making them myself.

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We more or less follow the same formula, but the first half is different in the sense that we’re introduced to a new character. We see Kotori and her friend hang out and after being a glutton, they separate, but before Kotori goes home she spots Tsumugi with an unfamiliar man. Like any normal person, she thought Tsumugi was being kidnapped. She follows them, watching the man buy Tsumugi snacks and then following them to the park. Well, I knew he wasn’t a kidnapper because he’s in the opening, but I also knew because he was pretty playful with her, like sticking the ice pop down her back like friends would do. He offers Tsumugi what looks like a cigarette and Kotori pops out from the bushes and yells, but then Kouhei appears.

[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 05 [1080p].mkv0027Turns out the blonde guy is named Yagi and he’s Kouhei best friend. Whenever Kouhei is busy and the usual sitter isn’t available to watch over Tsumugi, he asks Yagi to watch her for him. I was hoping he was going to be Tsumugi’s uncle, her mother’s brother. Maybe because of the blonde hair, but this is fine too. She calls him Yagi-chan so they seem pretty close. Yagi seems like a pretty chill guy, and while Kotori and Tsumugi are in the sandbox the two are talking about Tsumugi, typical things adults say like “She’s getting really big now.” or “She’s looking more like her mother.” and stuff like that, so he really seems to care about her. He bought her snacks, he looks after her, and he even took her to the arcade and took pictures with her in the booth. Unfortunately, we didn’t get more out of him. I would love to see him later, maybe joining Kouhei in cooking, or at least eating with them.

There isn’t much of a conflict this episode. This episode they made donuts, and Tsumugi mentions she doesn’t eat donuts much because she doesn’t really know whether they’re a snack or a meal. Kotori hears this and then decides that they will make donuts. The typical cooking begins, they struggle a little by burning the first batch, but then succeeding in the second batch. They taste delicious and they’re happy, and now Tsumugi looks at donuts as a happy memory she shared with her father. Aww!

[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 05 [1080p].mkv0049If I had to be honest though, there’s not much else to mention. Like I said, there really wasn’t a conflict. I was glad we got introduced to Yagi. It’s nice to see that Kouhei isn’t totally alone with Tsumugi. I think this episode showed the relationships Tsumugi shares with everyone. It was so cute to see Tsumugi and her father in the arcade taking pictures, with Kouhei not having a clue what he was doing. Their picture was so cute. We haven’t really seen them do much stuff together on Kouhei’s days off. Other than the flower viewing, we’ve only seen them cooking with Kotori, so it was nice seeing them doing something different like going to the arcade. Another relationship was her and Yagi, which I enjoyed. But we also know that Kouhei has a close friend, and they kind of seem like opposites. I’d really like to know more about how they met and all of that. I think that’s what this show is missing right now. There wasn’t any character development, and we haven’t had too much. We did see that Kouhei doesn’t see himself as much, saying that it’s good that Tsumugi hangs with Yagi because he’s “wild” and he’s too plain and normal. But Kotori said there’s nothing wrong with being normal, but we never went anywhere with that.

But now people are looking at that line and wanting to ship them together and no thank you please. :/

I actually don’t mind these episodes, where almost the same things happen each time. I just like the atmosphere and the characters, but of course I’d like it if they’d change things up a bit. Maybe more drama, or just taking a break from cooking and doing something else. We’re almost halfway into the series and we haven’t broken the formula yet. I’m afraid it might get old soon, and I don’t want that to happen because I really do love this show.

Also, I love how Kotori is a glutton. I see myself in her.

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