B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious Ep 5

Okay can I ask a serious question? What the heck was this episode? This was hands down the most perplexing curve-ball I have seen in a while. There was absolute no plot progression whatsoever, if anything it was a bit of ‘backstory’- but that’s just me being describing it generously, as actually it was HARDLY ANYTHING AT ALL! I just could not understand why this episode was relevant. You know what I got out of this episode? Ryuji x Tomo, that’s what. I wasn’t expecting it, and I actually don’t mind the pairing, and I did get a really good laugh out of Tomo falling for Ryuji when they were little because his mother had dressed up as a girl at the time (and to be fair: he was absolutely adorable)). And it is clear that Ryuji when he was younger felt strongly towards Tomo, as he was jealous of seeing Tsubasa talking with him and not getting enough attention from him.

B-Project Ep 5 Img 0007
This is just too cute.

I am not sure whether or not the two of them or one or the other still harbor such feelings, but frankly speaking: this episode made me question what direction is B-Project going. What and how are they planning to address these so-called character central episodes, when it contributes very little to the plot. We need PLOT PROGRESSION, tick tock!!! We are now halfway through the series! And for the love of god, don’t do what Utapri did- these character central episodes that contributes absolutely nothing to the storyline or we don’t get to learn anything about the other guys.  I will be annoyed if we don’t get anything on Tatsuhiro, Mikado (heck I think they even hinted he might have family problems), or even Momotaro who has been virtually non-existent up to this point! And On top of that, the whole temporary amnesia thing… Whose idea was that, and why did they think it was a good one? While the scene of Ryuji falling down the stairs leaving a blood trail was a shocker, good lord- instead of this whole B-Project Early Days Friendship/Young Love back-story, I would have liked to see B-Project face this issue of Ryuji being hospitalized while they are dealing with promotions instead- or something of the sort to shake it up. The whole scandal reporter was weak (his shady appearance was SO overdone!), followed by the temporary amnesia felt as if they pulled the idea out of a hat.

Anyhow, I sure hope we won’t get anymore of these random themed episodes… Let’s hope for a better and more plot relevant episode next week.

Extra Note: YGO ARC-V Episode 115 & 116 is in-progress. Should be out later tonight or by tomorrow afternoon (latest).


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