Bananya Episode 7 [Nightime Bananya]

This episode of Bananya was really cute, mostly because we got to see an adorable side of Bananyako who is normally very prim and proper. Bananya, Mackeral Tabby, and Bananyako all go play while it’s dark. Bananya is very brave but M. Tabby and Bananyako are very nervous and scared, so naturally they freak out everytime Bananya does something wacky or has general fun. It was fun to see Bananyako hit Bananya and be terrified, because I never get to see her tsundere side. During the episode there seems to be a shadow with glowing eyes following them around, which eventually makes too many footsteps. I have to admit it was really charming seeing how scared all of the Bananyas got.

who dere

Once they all realized they were being followed they freaked out and ran while viciously leaving Bananya to die. As it turned out, it was just KuroBananya, who is a black cat. The sad thing is I was like ‘it has to be a Bananya’ and completely forgot about Kurobananya, which makes me happy they finally reintroduced him because now I won’t forget. According to his profile he is a refined gentleman who likes to eat good cuisine. We even see him drinking wine and learn he is from europe- I’ll never forget this bowtie hero. I wish there were more regular girl Bananyas and not simply 1 main and 1 support in Elizabeth Bananya, but it is cool to see this lead to Bananyako getting a ton of screentime. Still, how harsh of them to leave Bananya in the cold like that.

kuro kuro kuro

Next time. . . Jeez, I doubt these Bananya will ever stop being cute!


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